January 2017 edition of the Neumob newsletter - full of links and ideas
January 2017 edition of the Neumob newsletter - full of links and ideas
January 2017
Welcome to January's  Neumob monthly newsletter.
This is the place for mobile app owners and forward-looking, mobile-first thinkers who are in the market for the best strategies, tips and news from the world of app acceleration and beyond.
      WEBINAR THIS WEEK!      "Mobile App AdTech: What's Next for Publishers in 2017"
Mobile App AdTech: What's Next for Publishers in 2017
Kick off 2017 with a panel of mobile app monitization experts from Neumob, Smaato and AdTheorent. We'll look at new trends in mobile adtech to help you get the most out of your apps - and leave time for your questions as well. It's this Thursday, January 12th!
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    Media, News & Sports                          Apps:                   The State of Real-Time Information and Mobility in 2017
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Ask The App Experts: What's Next for the App Economy in 2017?
If it’s a new year, it means it’s time to figure out  what we’re going to be seeing across the app economy in 2017. Neumob has partnered with numerous major players in the mobile app economy whom we can turn to for advice, guidance and idea generation.
We decided to ask a few of these partners and others with whom we work and/or admire for their views on the year in mobile apps to come. The question I asked was, “What is one prediction you have for how the app economy will evolve, grow or wither in 2017?”. Here’s what they had to say.
   Case Study: A 60% Boost in App Speed for                                       ReelMe
We're proud to show off a new case study that highlights how Neumob helps app owners & developers keep more of their customers in their apps for longer period of time.
ReelMe, a casting and auditioning app for actors and directors, found that when they experimented with conventional speed measures like restricting video quality, it didn’t have the desired user experience, nor the desired effects on session times and user engagement.
Neumob’s 2-line SDK was quickly and easily installed within the ReelMe iOS app code, and the results were instant and dramatic. After installation, ReelMe saw spikes both in time spent within the app, and in average session length. The app performed 60% faster within the UK, in particular, and saw a reduction of its in-app errors by up to 90%.
     The Dramatic Discrepancies in Mobile Ad                          Load Times By Country
We recently took a look at how quickly mobile app ads (interstititals, banners etc.) were loading in a Neumob customer's popular global app.
It confirmed just how dramatic ad load time differences are around the world, country vs. country. Every ad that doesn’t load fast enough for a user to see it in India, China, Pakistan or in the United States is a revenue opportunity that’s been lost.
No advertiser wants to pay for impressions that aren’t viewed, and sophisticated measurement tools are now in place to make sure they don’t have to.
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