Babies and kitties! (and this isn't even click bait)
Babies and kitties! (and this isn't even click bait)


Kyle brice and baby
This month, Kyle Brice joined our merry band of Estiponies as VP of Strategy. If his name has a certain famliar ring to it, might be because his wife Chelsey has been on team EG since 2018. That's right, EG is now home to both of Lawson's parents and we're just as pleased as punch. Learn what makes Kyle such a valuable resource for our clients and a great addition to the team, including his impressive tech acumen (yep, we had to look that up too). 

Client Spotlight: Nevadaworks 

In 2021, we began working with Nevadaworks, a Northern Nevada workforce development organization focused on building a skilled workforce to support local employment needs. We're helping them recruit job seekers for training and job placement, as well as employers looking for skilled labor, through digital and social outreach.   

And everbody was kung-fu fighting

If you've always wondered what a cat doing kung-fu might look like, we've got you. Trust us, you'll want sound on for this IG reel (viewer note: no hands were hurt in the making of this video). See it on Instagram
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