Construction to begin late December!

The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) and Central Paving are partnering together to work on the road widening project for Cloverdale Road for Ustick to Chinden. Central Paving will be constructing two ACHD projects as one. The two projects are: 
As early as the end of December, crews will begin working on fence and tree removal, as well as temporary fence installation. The plan is to begin at HP and work south, with some underground pipe work occuring on the north end of the project. Crews will follow after that with tree removal. Idaho Power will also begin work on relocating power poles between Chinden and Ustick. Utility relocations for both segments will begin in January. 

An Overview: 

Keep in mind that construction schedules are subject to change. These email updates will keep you informed as construction progresses. 

Phase 1 (January to Mid-Summer)

Cloverdale, Ustick to McMillan work will begin on the west side with one lane of traffic in each direction on the east side. 
Cloverdale Road,McMillan to Chinden work will begin on the east side. There will be one lane in each direction on the west side. Crews will also begin work on the box culvert at DeMeyer Street.  DeMeyer Street is expected to be closed while work on the culvert is underway. All closures require a minimum of a 7 day advance notice. We will announce the closure in an email update as well.  
Ongoing utility work

Phase 2 (Mid-Summer to Completion)

Cloverdale Road, Ustick to McMillan the work will be on the east side and traffic on the west (also a swap from Phase 1).
Cloverdale Road, McMillan to Chinden the work will be on the west side with traffic on the east side (a swap from Phase 1). 
Ongoing utility work 
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  • James Burgraff, Construction Coordinator, 208.387.6295
  • Ustick to McMillan Project Manager: Cody Homan, 208.387.6109
  • McMillan to Chinden Project Manager: Brian McCarthy, 208.387.6271
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