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To all DUHS and PDC team members,

Duke University Health System (DUHS) and the Private Diagnostic Clinic (PDC) have revised our health care worker COVID-19 vaccination requirements. Consistent with our values and commitment to zero harm for our patients and team, we will now require that all health care team members, regardless of work location, receive and show documentation of a completed COVID-19 booster vaccination by 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2022, or within 28 days of their eligibility under CDC and state guidelines.

The mandatory booster requirement is a condition of employment and applies to everyone who works or trains at DUHS and the PDC – which includes all team members, providers, volunteers, students/learners, residents, contractors and temporary employees.

Exemptions/Pregnancy Deferrals

The mandatory booster vaccination policy does allow limited exemptions and pregnancy deferrals. Team members seeking approved medical or religious exemptions or pregnancy deferral should submit their application by Friday, Jan. 21, 2022. Application forms are available here.

If a team member has already submitted and received a COVID-19 exemption, they do not need to reapply for an exemption/deferral for the booster until their exemption expires.

Submission of Booster Documentation

If team members received their booster through Employee Occupational Health & Wellness (EOHW), they do not need to provide additional documentation. Team members who received the booster in the community (such as a retail pharmacy or a Duke patient clinic), will need to submit their vaccination documentation here.


For booster scheduling options at Duke facilities, visit the Duke COVID Vaccine website. In the community, booster vaccinations are conveniently available at local pharmacies, supermarkets and many other locations listed on the Durham County Department of Public Health website or NC DHHS directory.

Safe Practices

In addition to receiving your COVID-19 booster vaccination, it is crucial to continue to practice safe behaviors to keep ourselves and those around us safe and healthy. Wear a mask at all times in our facilities. Practice good hand hygiene. Maintain a safe distance from others, especially when removing your mask to eat or drink.

Thank you for continuing to live our core value of caring for our patients, their loved ones and each other.

William J. Fulkerson, MD
Executive Vice President
Duke University Health System

Thomas Owens, MD
Senior Vice President, Duke University Health System
President, Duke University Hospital

Katie Galbraith 
President, Duke Regional Hospital

Barbara Griffith, MD
President, Duke Raleigh Hospital

John Sampson, MD
President, Private Diagnostic Clinic