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October 9, 2020 | View past issues here

Virtual Association of Central States Champions Show

Saturday, October 10, 2020 | 7:30 p.m. Central

Enjoy a stroll down memory lane and support the ACSC!

The Association of Central States Champions (ACSC) has created an event like no other. Get your barbershop fix during what would have been the Central States District fall convention!

The Barbershop Harmony Society is thrilled to partner with the ACSC and Central States District to help raise funds for the ACSC and BHS programs. A special thank you goes to Rich Knight and Peggy Leon for their generous $1,000 challenge match! 
Go to to donate.

This prerecorded show will include past performances from the CSD stage, as well as recorded sets from active champs. Join your barbershop friends and family for the premiere on the Barbershop Harmony Society YouTube channel at 7:30pm (CST) on Saturday, October 10th!

Guide to Drive-In Rehearsals


Somerset Hills Harmony is helping to spread the word! Complete resources and webinars are now all available for anyone who wants to check out the drive-in rehearsal approach. It won’t be for everyone, such as groups in cities or with a large number of singers (though the technique does not have limits in capacity).

We have started a Facebook group, Hot Rods and Harmony, as a watercooler to share experiences and ask questions. We have been a resource to nearby choruses to see the drive in rehearsal for themselves, and even to help get them set up. Learn more here!

Session 1: Introduction to the Drive In Rehearsal
Session 2: Technical Information
Session 3: Making Music in Sedans and SUVs
Session 4: Leading the Way in Chorus Safety and Success

BHS Member Spotlight

Doug Beach
I actually have the privilege of being a third generation barbershopper. My grandfather was a charter member of the Dundalk Chapter, Chorus of the Chesapeake, and I grew up attending rehearsals and shows with him. The real reason was that I stumbled upon a video of FRED singing Fit as a Fiddle on YouTube, and when I saw that combination of singing and comedy, I was hooked!

One of my barbershop heroes has always been my uncle, Rick Taylor. Watching him scorch tenor notes in that famous Rick Taylor Tag Compilation on YouTube is always a pick me up when I’m feeling down. Now I have the pleasure of singing in a quartet with him, and nothing really compares to looking down to the other end of the quartet and seeing his gold medal heart singing. I’ve come to think of him as a father figure, and can’t imagine a better way to enjoy this hobby.

Doug Beach
Mid Atlantic District | Parkside Harmony
Brothers In Arms, Taylor Made
6 year member of the BHS 

Project Connect aims to help our new and current members join and recruit during these difficult times. Check out Project Connect for more details! 

Virtual Junior Quartet Challenge

The first-ever Virtual Junior Quartet Challenge, hosted by the Barbershop Harmony Society, is now underway! With so many music educators working virtually at the moment, this option is the perfect way to include the uniquely American barbershop art form within your online-based curriculum.


From the BHS BLOG:
Creating an Inclusive Space for All

by Mia Baz
Mia Baz (they/them) is a member of the Sirens of Gotham chorus of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Here, Mia shares their story of navigating through the barbershop community during the Society’s Everyone in Harmony vision and as a non-binary member of a “female” chorus in a seemingly binary world.
It's no secret that barbershoppers are great storytellers. Those ringing sevenths begging for resolution are but punctuation; the real magic is getting someone to connect with their own heart's song. By being vulnerable and authentic in our performance, we come to learn that our individual stories are not so different, that we have more in common than we realize, that we are not alone.


A giant leap for Barbershop

Barbershopper Martin Banks reminded us of a bit of barbershop history this week! 

John and Annie Glenn were big barbershop fans and enjoyed Keepsake's guest performance at the Alexandria Harmonizers 1995 fall show.
Barbershop chords took a giant leap in 1998 when Astronaut John Glenn took with him the first barbershop music to be played in outer space - Alexandria Harmonizers CDs, which have since been donated to the Barbershop Harmony Society.

New options available for Virtual Chapter Visits

Harmony Hall is committed to supporting the efforts of our chapters and quartets by making staff available for rehearsals, administration planning, or board meetings during your scheduled ensemble meeting time. The sky is the limit, but know that you are not in this alone. We’re here to help.

During their 30 minute time-slot (more if their availability allows it), a BHS staff member of your choosing would be happy to speak on a selected topic, lead warm-ups, share best practices, or just be a fly on the wall.

See the full list of options here!

The Society Patch Hat

The Society Polo

The Society Old Fashioned Glass

Coming Soon:

Member Center Upgrade

BHS staff has been working with volunteer leaders from across the Society, doing our best to listen to your needs. Our goal with the upgrade to Member Center is to make your experience more intuitive and just all-around easier!

We hope you’ll notice improved readability, search functionality, and access to the information you need to make your singing community (district, chapter, chorus, quartet, club) healthier than ever before.

2019 Harmony University NextGen Chorus
C'mon Get Happy!

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