MUDEC Méinden Spring 2022 #
MUDEC Méinden Spring 2022 #
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Spring 2022 #4

April 11, 2022

Study Tour Edition

by Corbett Haase, MUDEC newsletter intern
Corbett Haase
The students have just returned from a two-week sabbatical from the Château! They embarked on their study tours the week of March 28, then enjoyed their spring break the next week. The long-anticipated Study Tours allowed students to take the subjects they had been studying in the classroom and place them in a real-world context, giving them new ways of thinking about these topics.
Marienplatz, Munich, Germany

HST 270: The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler
Munich, Germany

This tour began in Nürnberg, Germany, as students made their way to Memorium Nürnberger Prozesse, and received a tour of the courtroom where the Nürnberg trials were held. There they learned about many of the important prosecutors and how the defendants were held accountable for their actions, despite not being remorseful for their crimes.
They then continued their journey to the city of Füssen. Students hiked to Neuschwanstein Castle, a stunning structure nestled in the Bavarian Alps and commissioned by King Ludwig II. Its design inspired the famous Disney castles.
From there, students went to see what would be the most impactful portion of their study tour: Dachau Concentration Camp. Students received a walking tour of the grounds. As they learned about the aspects of prisoner life during World War II, students got a sense of the fear that these imprisoned people felt: a reminder of the horrific acts of the Nazis. These students were able to walk around and feel the history beneath their feet as they further developed their understanding of World War II.
Nuremberg Rallying grounds seen from across the water Neuschwanstein Castle students entering Dachau
Left to right: the Nürnberg Rallying Grounds; Neuschwanstein Castle; Students at Dachau

LUX 201: Self Determination and Realism in Europe
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Students on the Slovenian study tour were able to glean a broader understanding of this complex region’s culture and character. Shortly after arriving in Ljubljana, students were received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where they met the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Anže Logar, who presented a lecture on international relations.
Students later went to an Alpine beekeeping farm, to discover the importance of bees and apicultural products: why bees need to be protected, and why beekeeping is so important.
After the bee farm, students made their way to Bled to meet with a Pletna craftsman. They learned about the Pletna boat, which is a wooden flat-bottomed boat with a pointed bow that is propelled by a special technique that requires the oarsman to stand and row two oars.
Finally, the students were taken to the seaside city of Piran, where they received a guided tour of the city and got to experience its unique mix of Slovenian and Italian culture.
Group photo in Ljubjiana Scenic view of Ljubljiana Ave Gratia Plena in Ljubljana
Left to right: Group photo in Ljubljana; Scenic lake view in Ljubljana; Ave Gratia Plena in Ljubljana
The Alexander-Newski Church, Potsdam

RUS 254: Introduction to Russian, East European, Eurasian Studies
Berlin, Germany

Students on this study tour learned about the role that Berlin plays in Russian culture and its status as a multicultural city that is heir to a prolific Cold War past.
The study tour began with a guided tour of East Berlin, the former capital of the Communist German Democratic Republic (GDR), where students learned about the history of the party. After that, they received a tour of Hohenschönhausen, the Stasi (GDR Secret Police) site.
They then toured the Berlin Wall and many of the other Cold War sites around Berlin, such as Checkpoint Charlie. After that, students participated in ‘Why We’re Here’, a walking tour of Berlin sites connected with contemporary refugees, including those from the Middle East. Students learned why so many people have been forced to flee their home countries and seek refuge in Europe, referencing Europe’s own history of revolutions, wars and migration to create a dialogue about what it means to be a refugee.
Berlin Wall Students pose at Checkpoint Charlie Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin
Left to right: the Berlin Wall; Students at Checkpoint Charlie; The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

EDT 284: Writing for Educators
Dubrovnik, Croatia

On the first official day of their Croatia study tour, students went on a guided tour of old town Dubrovnik, where they got to see the city walls and famous Fort Lovrijenac. They then went to the Love Stories Museum, where they got to see a collection of sentimental items, plus displays of unique personal, historical, and mythical love stories.
Next, they made their way to Montenegro, where they got the opportunity to go on a full day boat cruise and tour of Kotor Bay. The students were able to experience the natural beauty and breathtaking scenery of the beautiful Montenegrin coastline, including the Bay of Kotor, Perast, and the city of Kotor.
The following day, they made their way to a notable Croatian landmark, Krka National Park, for a walking tour. Located in central Dalmatia, the park covers the area of the Krka River and part of the Čikola River, featuring seven waterfalls, the spring of Krka, animal and plant habitats, archeological sites, and sacred architecture. Students were able to bask in its rich history and stunning natural beauty.
After that, they made their way to Polaĉa village, where they visited MasVin, an agricultural cooperative that grows their product in gravel soil.They learned about the history of the ecological local producer and how the estate was converted from a minefield into an award-winning wine and olive oil producer. As they sampled cheese, prosciutto, figs and extra virgin olive oil, the students learned all about crop production. Students on this study tour were inspired by the remarkable views around them as they dove into the rich, complex histories of fascinating cities.
Students in Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia Students at the Love Stories Museum Hiking in Krka National Park, Croatia
Left to right: In old town Dubrovnik; Visiting the Love Stories Museum; Hiking in Krka National Park

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