Lazy days at Ladera
Lazy days at Ladera


2022 was packed with travel for me at J.MAK, and while no one is happier that our industry is back than me, this peaceful trip to St. Lucia's Ladera Resort with my fiancé, a.k.a. HER.RAY, was right on time. 
You may ask... was I working hard or hardly working on this trip? 
I'll let you decide...


You can't help but be completely immersed in the beauty of St. Lucia when you arrive at Ladera – it's the only resort in the world located on a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the views of the Piton Mountains and the Caribbean Sea are incredible! Rooms are filled with custom tile work and handmade furniture all created onsite. Our plunge pool was the perfect location for relaxation, a rum punch, and taking in the sights and sounds of the island.  

I loved the open-walled experience. Being able to listen to the birds, wind and rain showers outweighed any worry of wildlife. Plus, Ladera goes out of its way to provide solutions for those who are prone to a bug bite or two (a.k.a. me) with mosquito netting, bug spray and coils. And, have no fear, they also have suites with four walls and air conditioning. But come on, live a little! 

Top row, from left: the grounds of Ladera; Ray and me on our hike; the view of Gros Piton.
Second row, from left: The plunge pool in our suite, the massive shower in our room with tiled designs, our spacious bedroom with dining table, sofa and king bed.


Okay, the best part... FOOD! Seriously, I've never had better food in the Caribbean. Have you even heard of dasheen? It's a local root vegetable that I'm now obsessed with. It was such a treat to experience local favorites, like  Old Fashioned Pepper Pot, and St. Lucian spices in every dish. Kudos to Chef Nigel and his team as well as the smiling staff who welcomed us to the restaurant daily. We loved our private wine dinner too! It was the perfect way for us to spend some quality time at our favorite place, the dining table.   

Clockwise from top: best seat in the house at Dasheene; Pepper Pot - a traditional St. Lucian dish; me enjoying wine at our private dinner; pan fried shrimp dasheene with tagliarini, local peppers, and a citrus tomato sauce - YUM!; Ray and Chef Nigel cooking up some lunch; our menu for the wine room.


Ladera has a host of on-property activities for guests. Ladera's Head Gardener and native St. Lucian took us on the nature trail to view the Pitons, tour the gardens, visit the tree house, to the outdoor wellness facility. There was yoga available every morning as well as sunrise meditation. We also saw the onsite woodworker, Boniface, in action while he was carving sculptures out of local, tropical wood. 

Sustainability is a commitment Ladera takes very seriously, and it shows. I appreciate their dedication and passion in teaching resort guests about the island and its environment, enabling visits for many years to come.  

Top row, from left: Ladera's tree house; beautiful flora and fauna; Ladera's garden; rainbow over Ladera; Boniface sculpting local wood; our tour guide laughing with a "cat tail" in his pants.


No seriously, tour the Soufriere Volcano just minutes from the resort. This was such a cool.. well, HOT.. and unique experience!! By far, the best feature is the mud baths in the sulfur springs that make you look and feel 10 years younger. You slather the volcanic mud all over you and then wash off in the sulfur springs. Our guides were so knowledgeable about the volcano, mud baths, flora and fauna, and waterfalls. They also hit all the hotspots at the perfect time before the crowds. This is a must-see and do for visitors. 

Above, from left: Ray and me slathered in volcanic mud, selfie in front of the volcano, me making Ray 10 years younger with my mud slathering.

15% Commission on all J.MAK bookings for Ladera.

Guests receive a hand-crafted wood carving made by the Ladera Master Craftsmen.

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