WEAvings Newsletter - Fall 2022
WEAvings Newsletter - Fall 2022
Women's Earth Alliance
Dear Friends,

We’ve been thinking about healing lately. Healing our bodies and hearts, healing our communities, healing the earth. 
Maybe it’s a sixth sense of what will be needed soon—U.S. midterm elections are right around the corner, after all, as is COP27. The divisiveness and stagnation that might often seem part-and-parcel with these events can feel heavy and disheartening.

It’s in moments like these that caring for ourselves and one another are more important than ever. The good news is that, in this deep and heart-centered care work, the earth is our greatest ally and teacher—and healing is in fact all around us, all the time.

At WEA, healing is the mixing of herbs and waters, as shared during our 2022 Ripple Week session on Healing with Herbal Medicine, reminding us that every being has an important part to play in this work.

Healing is Indigenous land and body defenders recalling seeing cattails growing wild on the shores of ponds to help remediate water that's been polluted by extractive industry. This reminds us that it is never too late to heal what might seem beyond repair.

And healing is in seeing WEA Leaders and colleagues recognized for their vision, dedication and love for our communities, our earth and future generations, reminding us that we already have everything we need to meet this moment on this planet.

We hope you are taking good care these days, and taking action to heal yourself and your communities. Check in with yourself, your family, your neighbors. Check in with the plants, animals and waters around you. And remember, as WEA Leader, Indigenous advocate and Ponca grandmother Casey Camp-Horinek shared with us recently: “We are not protecting nature—we are nature. We are nature protecting itself.”

With care and healing,

Amira, Melinda, and Kahea
WEA Co-Directors
Take Action with WEA

Farwiza Farhan named to TIME100 Next List

Congratulations to WEA Indonesia Program Lead Facilitator and WEA Leadership Board Member Farwiza Farhan, who was recognized on the 2022 TIME100 Next list. Farwiza and her team at HakA are doing the critical work of protecting the Leuser Ecosystem—one of the great lungs of the world and the last place on Earth where iconic species such as tigers, orangutans, elephants, and rhinoceros still coexist in the wild.

We're gathering to raising climate ambition ahead of COP27

WEA has partnered with SHE Changes Climate for a virtual summit ahead of COP27 that will raise climate ambition for addressing the planetary emergency. Join WEA Co-Director Kahea Pacheco and WEA Leader Tasya Karissa of BioRock Indonesia this Friday, November 4th at 9:30AM PT / 12:30PM ET for a timely dialogue on ocean loss and damage as a result of climate change, impacts on Indigenous communities, and recommended actions.

Ripple Week completes, but women-led climate action continues to rise

8 inspiring leaders from Women’s Earth Alliance shared their wisdom, passion and the critical grassroots solutions they are innovating to meet this moment during Ripple Week. This virtual series is part of WEA's U.S. Grassroots Accelerator, where the theme this year centers on: caring of ourselves so that we can design a regenerative approach to caring for the earth. As WEA Leader Ruth Łchavaya K’isen Miller shared during her session on Untangling Colonization, “When I first started turning [my attention] towards my own wellness...I called back my Indigenous values and principles to remind myself that our movements don’t need martyrs—we need sustainability.”

If you missed any of our Ripple Week sessions, you can catch up for free over on our website and YouTube channel.

Updates from the Alliance

28 women-led environmental initiatives supercharged through
WEA’s U.S. Grassroots Accelerator

During the 2022 U.S. Grassroots Accelerator—which kicked off in late August —28 Leaders from across the U.S. and U.S. Territories are receiving holistic leadership and strategy development support, tools, mentorship, and seed grants to grow the impact of their projects. Leaders in this year’s cohort are doing the vital work of intergenerational ocean stewardship in the Northern Mariana Islands, creating rap and soul music as a form of resistance in the SF Bay Area, leading frontline political action to resist harmful chemical pollution in Virginia, using law, science-based advocacy, and education to protect bayous and wetlands in Texas, and more.


WEA and International Rivers partnership catalyzes women leaders
protecting 50 rivers worldwide

WEA and International Rivers have come together to launch the Women + Rivers Accelerator. For generations, women have stepped forward to steward our rivers, water sources, and surrounding communities despite facing immense challenges and threats. Through this program, 23 Women River Protectors representing 10 nations and collectively protecting 50 rivers around the world will gain the training, resources, and mentorship they need to strengthen their advocacy, catalyze their solutions, and deepen their impact.⁠


Kenyan Government allocates additional land to
WEA and WWANC’s Women + Forests Program

After a successful year of restoring and protecting 50 hectares of the Kakamega Tropical Rainforest—the last remaining rainforest in Kenya—the women’s collectives who are part of our Women and Forests Program have been allocated 150 more hectares by the Kenya Forest Service Department to rehabilitate. 


WEA launches program to build Rural Climate and Economic Resilience (RuCLER) in Indonesia

Twelve community-led eco-enterprises have been selected to join the first cohort of WEA Indonesia’s Rural Climate and Economic Resilience Accelerator Program (RuCLER). RuCLER—launched in response to the devastating economic impacts women leaders and their communities continue to face in the wake of COVID-19. This yearlong program in partnership with Pratisara Bumi Foundation will revive and accelerate eco-enterprises in rural areas.


New Communal Forest program launches with 130 square meters of demonstration plots in Indonesia

2 demonstration plots totaling 130 square meters of land have been secured as sites for WEA’s regenerative forest pilot program in Indonesia, called Hutan Komunal (Communal Forest). Led by WEA Indonesia Accelerator alumni Aniek Puspawardani from Bali and Nedhy Priscila Neonbeni from East Nusa Tenggara, the forests will be grown and managed collectively by local communities. These communal forests serve the dual purpose of protecting existing land from destruction, and securing communities’ long-term access to sustainably managed forest resources. 

Purpose-Driven Partnerships
  • Inspired by the circles of WEA women around the world, Sara Patino Jewelry created the Gold Circle Pendant Necklace with White Topaz, our official WEA necklace. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to WEA. 
  • Award-winning photographer, author, and longtime WEA champion Paola Gianturco and her then-12-year-old granddaughter Avery Sangster recently published COOL: Women Leaders Reversing Global Warming. This inspiring book makes the case for women and girl leaders around the world as they guide organizations that are reducing – and over time reversing – carbon emissions (and it features WEA’s Co-Founder/Co-Director Melinda Kramer!). 100% of the author royalties go to amplifying the work of WEA and our Global Alliance!
  • Thank you to our newest partner Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for their generous grant in support of women-led climate solutions!
  • WEA’s business/nonprofit partnerships make our work possible. If you’re a purpose-driven company interested in having a positive impact on people and planet, reach out to WEA to learn about our Business Partner program.
  • Remember, you can turn your crypto into climate solutions with a crypto-donation today.
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