Get Moving Team Challenge Registration Open, Farmers Market Fall Lunch Menu
Get Moving Team Challenge Registration Open, Farmers Market Fall Lunch Menu
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Stacey Burns taking a quick break to hangout with the bees in her garden.

Success Story: Stacey Burns

Stacey Burns, Programs and Operations Manager at the University Libraries, finds value in practice, not perfection. Starting at a young age, she observed the strengths and challenges of family members and friends. Taking this into her adult life, Stacey says, “I have a strong awareness of my mind/body connection and a long-held belief in holistic health that help keep me in check.” In particular, both her mother, Diane, and late grandmother, Pauline, demonstrated the practice of life-long learning to navigate sociocultural challenges and develop self-awareness.
With this, Stacey practices being introspective, and getting involved with programs and activities that help herself and others do so. At GVSU, she has enjoyed coming together with different people and departments to encourage the use of mindfulness to students, faculty, and staff. She has done this through putting on exhibition programming at the Art Gallery, where she spent the last six years, and is looking forward to continuing this with the University Libraries. 
In addition to on-campus programming and collaboration, Stacey enjoys going to yoga classes when she can, but says the most important thing she’s done is “practicing to break things down into smaller increments.” Taking a minute to breathe or being intentional with her walking routes on campus has helped Stacey to slow down and check-in with herself throughout the day. In terms of exercise, she believes it’s important to set more manageable goals. She says, “I was always a runner and very active. With the demands of life, work, and school, it’s harder to find time.” Stress is also a factor. In the past few years, Stacey has experienced multiple major life stressors and traumas that impact her time and energy. Because of this, taking quick walking breaks is something that can be beneficial.
Nearly a year ago, Stacey also began working with a Priority Health wellness coach, and says her coach helps to keep her “accountable for recognizing and also celebrating small accomplishments.” These actions and changes are often gradual and subtle, but all of them combined have impacted Stacey in both physical and mental ways, as she now experiences less physical tension. To stay on track with her goals, Stacey’s wellness coach has encouraged her to use a calendar and schedule in time for herself, even if it is 10 minutes for a walk. 
Reflecting back on both what she’s learned and her accomplishments thus far helps motivate Stacey to keep moving forward. When working through self-improvement, she thinks it’s important to be in-tune with yourself and recognize what you need to reach your human potential, which she says tools from GVSU’s Employee Assistance Program such as Encompass, professional development paired with a regiment of self-study utilizing personality tests, and self-help books can help to uncover.
For faculty and staff that may be looking to adjust their lifestyle or become more mindful in their day-to-day lives, Stacey says, "Start small. You don’t have to start with any classes or programs, but take a minute to breathe, identify your thoughts, and clear your mind. Every little step is a step in the right direction".

Get Moving Team Challenge

October 7th - November 18th

It's that time of year again–time to get moving. This six week fitness competition is open to GVSU faculty and staff, allowing them to compete by tracking steps and physical activity as part of a team. The challenge is designed for participants of all fitness levels. We’ll provide you with the tools and resources to easily set goals, track your progress, and motivate a team. Prizes are awarded for teams who earn the most steps and reach step goals.

Upcoming Work Life Trainings

Emotional Strength Training logo

Emotional Strength Training

We understand the importance of physical conditioning, but what about emotional conditioning? How strong and resilient are we during stressful and trying times? How do we handle the constant pressure to perform in rapidly changing environments? This training focuses on strengthening and conditioning our emotional well-being by caring for ourselves both responsively and proactively. Presented by Elisa Salazar, LMSW.

September 12th, 8:30AM-11:30AM, KC 2270
Pew: March 10th, 8:30AM-11:30AM, DEV 302-E
Interpersonal Effectiveness training logo

Interpersonal Effectiveness

This training will help participants communicate effectively, provide specific tools to address barriers to effective communication, develop tools to have difficult conversations, and set participants up to have the most success in asking for what they want. This will be accomplished by working through a specific script that will help them hone in on their message. They will also learn how to use mindfulness to manage emotions that come up and interfere during interpersonal communication. Presented by Elisa Salazar, LMSW.

October 10th, 8:30AM-11:30AM, BIK 330
Allendale: Febuary 13th, 8:30AM-11:30AM, KC 2270
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Grand Valley State University Farmers Market, image of t-shirt and strawberries

GVSU Farmers Market

Pre-order Lunch Service Begins September 4th

Lunch at the market will be pre-order only beginning September 4th. You must pre-order by the Friday before the market on Sprout in order to pick up your lunch on Wednesday. Lunches are provided by Campus Dining for $7.00. For more information and menus, visit the Farmers Market Lunch Menu page.