Here's some more info you didn't know you need — but you totally do.
Here's some more info you didn't know you need — but you totally do.

MAY 2021

Move over, "smoking or non?" — there's a new question in town!* We're talking about meetings in these strange days of half-vaxxed, half "give me a hot sec, I'm almost there!", and we're finding that the big question du jour is: in-person or Zoom? (or some variation thereof). While this seems to be the choice most are presenting, we're also seeing some creative applications of hybrid events. Want some ideas on figuring out whether you should be IRL, virtual or both? We have tips! 
*Yeah, fine, we haven't had to say that in YEARS, but it still feels like yesterday. SOOO grateful for the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act, btw. Now, if only casinos and standalone bars were included! But that's a WHOLE OTHER NEWSLETTER (we're looking at you, June) about our client Smoke Free Truckee Meadows.
Because Two Is Better Than One
Who knew when we asked for ideas for a graphic design intern, all y'all would make it RAIN with candidates! And because we're super busy and love love LOVE new brainy peeps in our presence, we decided to go the gluttonous route and choose two. Meet Halle Robbins (left) and Bella Albright (the other left)! Halle is pursuing a BFA in visual communications and recently CRUSHED the National Student Advertising Competition at UNR as the team's head designer, while Bella is a legit soccer star who just graduated from UNR with a major in Spanish and minor in graphic design. We're so excited to have them on board. And you never know when we'll be growing again — feel free to send us more prospects via the link below! 

This Is Best Read with a Side of M&M Lentils 
Did you know that individuval M&Ms are called "lentils"? Or that Donald Duck's middle name is Fauntleroy? Or that flamingos can drink boiling water? In these days of tiptoeing back into public interactions, we feel like it has never been more important to have some random trivia to drop as an awkward pause-filler. So make sure you check out this thread for abundant mind-blowing factoids — but please do your fact-checking due diligence, because some of those tweets sit on a throne of lies. Duck quacks do indeed echo, for example. Many thanks to the Google for correcting us before we used that as the headline, because it was FASCINATING. Though, turns out, somewhat wrong. 

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