Celebrate as the Italians do...
Celebrate as the Italians do...
We've got everything you need to celebrate as the Italians do. From fresh produce and seafood to cured meats and authentic oils, Ingardia Bros. carries a variety of imported Italian products as well as local items that draw inspiration from Italy.
  Andy Boy Rapini     
Also known as Broccoli Rabe, this powerful superfood is prized for its tender leaves and crisp florets. A staple in a variety of Italian classics, Rapini is known for its powerful antioxidants, detoxifying properties, and rich mineral content.
Andy Boy Rapini | 1 bunch | Case of 20 bunches
Bianco DiNapoli Organic Whole-Peeled Tomatoes 
Bianco DiNapoli organic whole-peeled and crushed tomatoes stem from a collaboration between famed pizzaiolo Chirs Bianco in Phoenix and renowned tomato processor Robert DiNapoli in Los Gatos, California. This inspired collaboration is perfect for all your Italian specialties, from pizza to pasta and everything in between.
Bianco DiNapoli Organic Whole-Peeled Tomatoes | 6 #10 cans per case  
 DiStefano Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Imported from Italy, DiStefano's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a highly sought-after brand. Prized for its classic and mild flavor, this extra virgin olive oil complements dishes without overpowering them.  

 DiStefano Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 6 1gal jugs | 1gal  
Dried Sliced Porcini Mushrooms 
These Porcini mushrooms arrive to us from Italy dried and sliced. Prized for their rich woodsy flavor and dense texture, dried porcini mushrooms make an easy addition to risotto and pasta. Their intense flavor softens when cooked, lending their earthy notes to the rest of the dish.
Dried Sliced Porcini Mushrooms | 1lb bag 
Tribeca Oven Classic Ciabatta   
Ciabatta bread is an Italian classic from the Piedmont region. Its soft, porous texture and light, delicate flavor make it a perfect complement to other Italian imports like cured meats & specialty cheeses.
Tribeca Oven Classic Ciabatta | 15 16.8oz loaves per case 
Prosciutto di Parma   
The history and region of Prosciutto di Parma production set it apart from other prosciuttos in the world. Since Roman times, this geographically protected food has become world-renowned for its delicate and sweet flavor. Prosciutto di Parma can only be produced from the hind legs of specially-selected heritage breed pigs raised in 11 regions of Italy following the highest standards. 
Prosciutto di Parma | 16-17 lbs 
Fresh Branzino (Loup de Mer) 
At Ingardia Bros., we proudly offer a wide variety of fresh & frozen seafood. One of the most popular is our fresh Branzino. When cooked whole or butterflied, this fish creates a beautiful presentation on the plate. 
Whole | Approx. 1.5lbs scaled & gutted  
Fillet (skin on) 
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Ingardia Bros. Produce, Inc. carries a wide variety of Italian imports! When placing your next order, be sure to ask your sales representative about our other Italian offerings. 
Prices and availability subject to change.
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