See the CCAS faculty that received press coverage last month!
See the CCAS faculty that received press coverage last month!

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Columbian College of Arts & Sciences: Faculty Getting Press
December 2020

Among the Columbian College faculty getting press during November were the following individuals:

American Studies

Elisabeth Anker spoke with Aljazeera English about the election and American partisanship


Eric Cline was quoted by The New York Times Magazine in the article “How Do You Know When Society Is About to Fall Apart?

Arts & Design


Steve Hamilton was quoted by The Wall Street Journal in the article “In the Covid Economy, Laid-Off Employees Become New Entrepreneurs.”

Annamaria Lusardi
was quoted by CNBC in the article “The biggest financial challenges women face in the Covid crisis.” She was quoted by The Financial Times in the article “Why financial literacy matters more than ever.” She was quoted by CGTN in the article "Global Business Daily: U.S./Italy flights?, fake Starbucks, ski debate." 

Jay Shambaugh was featured by E & E News in the article “Climate economist will help shape Biden’s financial council.” 


Louis Bayard co-authored the article "Conservatives don't get liberal America. Where is their 'Hillbilly Elegy'?" for The Washington Post.

Forensic Sciences


David Silverman was quoted by National Geographic in the article “400 years on, the Pilgrims get a reality check.” He was quoted by The Boston Globe in the article “In Plymouth, a museum changes its name without changing its course.” He was quoted by USA Today in the article “After a summer of racial reckoning, is America ready to learn the truth about Thanksgiving?” He spoke with WNYC in the segment "A Historian Explains Why Everything We Know About Thanksgiving Is Wrong." He spoke with WAMC in the segment "'This Land Is Their Land' by David J. Silverman." 

Media and Public Affairs

Matthew Hindman was quoted by Reuters in the article “Thousands of Facebook Groups Buzzed With Calls for Violence Ahead of U.S. Election.”

Sarah Isgur authored the article “A brutal nail biter” for CNN.

Steven Livingston was quoted by Voice of America in the article “Disinformation on Social Media Is Threat to Democracy, Rappler CEO Says.”

Peter Loge spoke to Nexstar Media Group in the segment “Experts warn against undermining elections as Trump, GOP congressman press for fair recount in Georgia.” He authored the article “Vote By Mail is Good for Democracy and Good for Candidates” for Campaigns and Elections. He was quoted by Pharmaceutical Technology in the newsletter, “Pharma reacts to Biden becoming 46th US President.”

Frank Sesno was quoted by The Washington Post in the article “What happens to CNN and MSNBC if Biderign wins? It’s complicated.” He was quoted by Reuters in the article “Fox News Scores Ratings Win as Early State Election Call Angers Trump His Allies.” He was quoted by Variety in the article “CNN, Fox News and MSNBC Could Face Post-Trump Bumps as They Seek Viewers and Revenue.” He spoke with CGTN in the segment “The Heat: US post election turmoil.”

Janet Steele spoke with BFM (Malaysia) in the segment “The Bigger Picture.” She was quoted by Jaring in the article “Disinformation Cracks America.”

Rebekah Tromble was quoted by PolitiFact in the article “How online misinformation unfolded after Election Day, boosted by Trump and his allies.”

Silvio Waisbord authored the articles “Trump, Biden y la extraña incertidumbre” for Clarin and “Estados Unidos: Las dos caras de un país en la encrucijada” (Spanish) for The Conversation España. He authored the artiicle “Online attacks on female journalists are increasingly spilling into the ‘real world’ – new research" for The Conversation

Organizational Sciences and Communication

Gelaye Debebe authored the article “Systemic racism is a drag on the US economy” for The Hill. 


Neil Johnson spoke to WBFF-Fox45 about privacy concerns for Maryland’s new COVID alert app and whether people will take a vaccine. He was quoted by WJLA-ABC7 in the article “Social media spreading ‘seeds of doubt" during pandemic. He was featured in a documentary from The Economist about trust and vaccines. He was quoted by NBC News in the article "Covid-19 vaccines face a varied and powerful misinformation movement online."

Political Science

Joyce Karam was quoted by Spectrum News in the article “On Foreign Policy, Biden Will Look To Rebuild With Allies.”

John Logsdon was quoted by National Geographic in the article “How SpaceX became NASA’s go-to-ride into orbit.”

Cynthia McClintock was quoted by The Washington Post in the article “Peru ouster throws nation’s anti-corruption drive into doubt.” She was quoted by The Associated Press in the article “Why Peru ousted two presidents in one week.”

Harris Mylonas published the article “Greece: Political Developments and Data in 2019” in The European Journal of Political Research.

Christopher Warshaw was mentioned by BuzzFeed News in the articles “Trump and Republican Senators are Losing Votes Due To Coronavirus Deaths, A New Study Says” and “Trump was Expected To Lose Votes In Places Where More People Died Of COVID-19. He Didn’t.” He was quoted by The Washington Post in the article “Here are six big takeaways from the 2020 elections.” 

Public Policy and Public Administration 

Leah Brooks was quoted by Washington Business Journal in the article “A divided Congress could mean more shutdowns. And that would damage Greater Washington’s economy.” She was quoted by Bloomberg in the article “Want More Infrastructure? Make It Cheaper to Build.”        

Elizabeth Rigby spoke to WAMU-FM’s “1A” in the segment “Dollars and Sense: Poverty, Politics and The Presidential Election.” 

Regulatory Studies Center

Bridget Dooling was mentioned by Federal News Network in the article “Meet the agency transition teams for President-Elect Biden” and Politico in the article “OMB plows forward with Trump budget despite election loss.” She was mentioned by Bloomberg in the article “Biden’s Transition Teams Sideline Industries Trump Put in Charge.” She was mentioned by Boston Herald in the article "Progressives turn ire toward Biden over Cabinet picks." She was mentioned by The Hill in the article "Progressives see red flags in regulatory official on Biden transition team."

Susan Dudley was quoted in the article “Trump’s team rushes to execute lame-duck moves – even without a concession.” She was quoted by Bloomberg Law in the article "Unglamorous White House 'Prune' Job Critical to Biden Agenda." She was quoted by ProPublica in the article "Trump Races to Weaken Environmental and Worker Protections, and Implement Other Last-Minute Policies, Before Jan. 20." She was quoted by The Christian Science Monitor in the article "Trump administration seeks to tie Biden’s hands. Will it work?"

Jerry Ellig authored the article “Just how big a deal is this year’s economics Nobel?” for The Hill. 


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