See the CCAS faculty that received press coverage last month!
See the CCAS faculty that received press coverage last month!
Columbian College of Arts & Sciences: Faculty Getting Press
July 2021

Among the Columbian College faculty getting press during June were the following individuals:

American Studies

James Deutsch authored the article “Are You a Friend of Dorothy? Folk Speech of the LGBTQ Community," for Smithsonian Magazine.


Alison Brooks was quoted by National Geographic in the article “Puzzling skull discovery may point to previously unknown human ancestor.

Arts & Design


John Lill was quoted by ABC News in the article “Cicada cookbook draws attention to food insecurity.
Zoe Getman-Pickering was quoted by The Washington Examiner in the article “Don’t eat cicadas if allergic to shellfish, FDA says”; by WUSA-CBS9 in the article “VERIFY: Why does my neighbor have cicadas and I have none”; and by WUSA-CBS9 in the article “VERIFY: When will the cicadas be gone?” She was also quoted by Business Insider in the article “Biden swatted away a Brood X cicada crawling up his neck: 'It got me.’” She was cited by WUSA-CBS9 as a source in a segment about the departure of Brood X cicadas.


Diana Furchtgott-Roth spoke to Hearst TV about President Biden’s infrastructure plan. She also spoke to CNBC about the May jobs report. She also co-signed a letter published by The National Review in the article “A Public Letter of Concern about the Federal Reserve.
Annamaria Lusardi was quoted by Pensions and Investments in the article “Pandemic spurs look into women's financial well-being before the crisis.
Jay Shambaugh was quoted by Texas Public Radio in the segment “Shifting Fed Forecasts Fuel US Inflation Debate, Concerns Amid Pandemic Economy.

Tara Sinclair was quoted by The New York Times in the article “How to Track the United States’ Economic Recovery.” She spoke to Hearst TV about the May jobs report. She was also quoted by The New York Times in the article “The Recession Isn’t Over Till They Say It’s Over. (But Who Are They?)” 

Forensic Sciences


Dan Malouff authored the article “Take a first glimpse inside a real Purple Line railcar,” for Greater Greater Washington. 


Sara Matthiesen was mentioned by Business Insider in the article “The 29 best feminist books and novels to read in 2021.” 


Media & Public Affairs

Peter Loge was quoted by Deseret News in the article “Wanted: A good villain for the GOP.
Frank Sesno was quoted by The Atlantic in the article “The Next Escalator Ride,” and by The Associated Press in the article “Should reporters challenge or ignore election disbelievers?


Sylvain Guiriec was interviewed by Pour la Science in the article "Gamma-ray bursts: a promising future."

Political Science

Sarah Binder authored the article “Why is Manchin such a thorn in the Democratic Party’s side? Let us count the reasons,” for The Washington Post. She was quoted by The Guardian in the article “Joe Manchin: the Democrat who holds the fate of Biden’s agenda in his hand,” and by Reuters in the article “Explainer: U.S. Senate's reconciliation process: it's not the way it sounds.” She was mentioned by The Baltimore Sun in the article “Sen. Manchin, do you love the Senate more than your country? | COMMENTARY.” She also authored the article “Do we have an infrastructure deal?” for The Washington Post.

Richard Chasdi spoke to Aljazeera English about Algeria’s parliamentary election.
Bruce Dickson was quoted by The New York Times in the article “Competition Is Good — Even With China."
Samuel Goldman had a book reviewed by The Wall Street Journal in the article “Politics: Nationalism, Then and Now.” 
David Shambaugh was quoted by Fortune in the article “3 big questions for China’s future on the 100th anniversary of its Communist Party." He also spoke to Australia’s ABC News in the segment “China's Communist Party turns 100."

Psychological & Brain Sciences

Lisa Bowleg spoke to WAMU-FM’s “1A’’ in the segment “Putting The B In LGBTQ.

Public Policy and Public Administration 

Leah Brooks was quoted by Vox in the article “Why does it cost so much to build things in America?” and by The Christian Science Monitor in the article “Biden wants infrastructure. Does America know how to do it anymore?"

Regulatory Studies Center

University Writing

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