Funding opps, awards reports, and recent news about UMSL researchers.
Funding opps, awards reports, and recent news about UMSL researchers.
External Awards, Monthly Report: October 2020
External Awards, Annual Report FY21 to date

Research Enabled RFP:

Material for Lateral Flow Membrane  

A global supplier of research materials for applications in laboratories and industry (biosciences, biopharma, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.), is searching for a synthetic membrane for lateral flow tests that can help expand the current global supply at a low cost.
Who should apply? This RFP is suited for, but not limited to, researchers with the following expertise: engineering (biomedical, chemical, general, materials); materials science; chemistry; environmental sciences.
Proposal Deadline: 02/28/2021
For more information and to submit a proposal:, or search current opportunities on for opportunity ID #C49750.
If you are not yet signed up on Research Enabled, log on using your university SSO ID and set your research interests and communications preferences. 
If you need assistance on the portal, contact Tomy Ames ( 

UMSL Research Awards

The UMSL Research Awards are designed to strengthen faculty research and creative activities. Awards also are given to help faculty in all disciplines maintain an active research program, even if external funding is difficult to obtain. Awards are intended to promote research innovation and the long-term success of an applicant’s program rather than be a vehicle for student support. 
Award amount: $1,000 to $12,500  |  Deadline: Feb. 16, 2021 (5pm). |  Guidelines  |  Form

BAMSL Honors UMSL Researcher Team with

"2020 Inventor of the Year" Award

The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis has awarded Dr. Jianli Pan, associate professor of computer science, and his co-inventor and graduate student, Mr. Jianyu Wang, the 2020 Inventor of the Year award for their technology that better secures IoT devices on edge servers using blockchain and smart contracts.
They will be recognized in the January 2021 edition of St. Louis Lawyer magazine and at the fall 2021 celebration as the 2020 celebration had to be postponed. 
Description of the Technology: The internet is evolving into the Internet of Things (“IoT”) with billions of interconnected devices. This scalability causes significant security challenges. Many weak IoT devices are made with limited security capabilities and poor or no technical maintenance options. These vulnerabilities could make the interconnected IoT devices easily controlled and turned into malicious nodes by hackers forming a botnet and initiating large scale Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. Edge server computing is an emerging solution for the IoT scalability issue, but security remains a concern. Dr. Pan and his team developed a new way of resource management in an edge server environment called “Edge Chain”. “Edge Chain” is an Edge-IoT server framework that utilizes blockchain and smart contracts to distribute server resources to the connected devices. The blockchain automatically records all the activities and transactions of the connected devices so that potential malicious and suspicious behavior can be captured and recorded. If the parameters of the smart contracts are not met by the connected device, the network may prevent or limit network access thus stopping/limiting the malicious activity. Dr. Pan’s advancements are user friendly and can secure/monitor every type of network from local home networks to the network computing requirements of large companies. With Dr. Pan’s advancements, it is significantly more difficult for bad actors to gain control of compromised networks for their own nefarious agendas. 
The University of Missouri-St. Louis is honored by our faculty innovators' work. This is the second Inventor of the Year award presented by BAMSL to UMSL for its faculty innovation, the first being in 2014 for Dr. Zhi Xu's work on non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technology. Dr. Xu is a retired associate professor of chemistry.  
Congratulations to Dr. Pan and all of UMSL's innovative faculty researchers.


The Office of Research and Economic & Community Development research units strive to enhance the campus research enterprise, from maintaining an investigator-focused infrastructure and streamlining research processes to facilitating and diversifying investigators' avenues for funding and commercializing research discoveries. Please feel free to stop by (341 and 346 Woods Hall) to find out more about how we can help you succeed. Or visit, email or call 314-516-5899. We look forward to hearing from you!
The Research Development, Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA), and Research Compliance units administer grants and contracts for sponsored research and other activities at UMSL. Staff can assist you with many aspects of both internal and external funding, including the following:
  • funding opportunity identification
  • grant writing
  • research compliance
  • pre-award budgeting and submission
  • post-award financials
  • project close-out
To find your pre- or post-award accountant, download the Staff Responsibilities chart.
The Office of IP Management & Commercialization, also know as "Technology Transfer" or "TTO," assists faculty in protecting and bringing their research discoveries and inventions, whether patentable or copyrightable, to market. 
So, why do universities engage in Technology Transfer? Watch this quick video by the Association of University Technology Managers:
Video: About Technology Transfer
Your tech transfer staff work to analyze the technology regarding intellectual property protection and the market need to determine whether patent applications should be filed and/or copyrights should be registered. For those inventions that can be protected (and even some that cannot), we then look for potential industry partners, which could include established companies and/or startup ventures, to license and commercialize the discovery.
We also process all Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs), Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), and research-related fee-for-service agreements, among others, for UMSL. 
Please visit our website for more information or to disclose an invention. Feel free to come see us at 346 Woods Hall. Email: