Welcome to a new time for the ATM industry. We celebrate together the great milestone of going live with the Next Gen ATM online self-certification system which will surely revolutionize our technology with a new vendor-agnostic API App model for ATMs! It has the potential for unleashing a new wave of innovation across our industry.
Meanwhile, we move forward with a new ATMIA forum, the Crypto ATM Deployer Forum, co-founded with the undying enthusiasm and leadership of Jorge Fernandez of Heller Capital Group and Paramount Management Group.
At the same time, cash remains timeless. We are setting up a Cash Hub to bring together all our resources and information in one place to highlight the crucial role cash continues to play in society. We are pushing forward our ATM and Cash Revival Plan as the cornerstone of our advocacy work in 2021.
As for covid-19, it remains a concern but with multiple approved and effective vaccines it is only a matter of time before the pandemic will be decisively defeated. We stay strong together as we edge towards a more normal world we all long for.

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ATMIA Loyal Members Recognized in the February 2021 ATMIA Post...

The ATMIA mission is and has been assisting our members with their business needs, helping them to save time, money and resources through top-notch educational opportunities, premier advocacy services, supporting cash and creating meaningful connections, as well as industry visibility.

ATMIA: The Best of 2020

What made the biggest impact at ATMIA.com in 2020? Our best are listed below. We invite you to see which company showrooms, whitepapers, and press releases had the largest number of visits on our website in 2020. Did you get a chance ot read them?

Global Next Gen ATMs

Official Global Certification System for Next Gen ATMs

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) launched the official global certification system for Next Gen ATMs, the culmination of a four-year long industry project to create a new API App model for ATMs, integrating ATMs and mobile phones in one seamless new ecosystem.

The launch of the official certification system to test Next Gen ATM readiness inaugurates what the trade association calls a "race to the top" to see where the world's first certified Next Gen ATM will soon be installed.

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Spotlight on Premium ATM Reports

We have recently published premium reports on a wide-variety of topics from security to the future of the industry – to provide you with a competitive edge in planning your next move in our ever-changing marketplace.

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Sponsor Spotlight

ATMIA is proud to have industry leaders as regional and global sponsors. We have shined the spotlight on some of our sponsors and the work they are doing for the ATM Industry.

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Do You Have What It Takes to Win an ATMmy?

ATMIA is pleased to announce the addition of a new category, Cash Promotion, to the third annual ATMmys. This new section will review and reward advertising campaigns focused on the positive promotion of cash and its use. Promotions in this category can be digital, content, or video and will be reviewed by ATMIA's own CEO, Mike Lee.


Join the U.S. Cashless Ban'd Wagon

Efforts to ban retail establishments from refusing cash payments are gaining momentum everywhere – at the city, state, and federal levels. The stated motivation in all of these instances is that a cashless environment discriminates against the poor and the unbanked. The issue, however, is much larger than that.

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