Loyal Member List, Sponsors, 25th Anniversary and More!
Loyal Member List, Sponsors, 25th Anniversary and More!

On its 25th anniversary, ATMIA remains focused on the road ahead for the global ATM industry

By: Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA and President of the ATM Security Association
One day, soon after the turn of the century, I spent my first day as Executive Director for the yet-to-be-created European chapter of ATMIA working out values that would drive our behaviour as a not-for-profit trade association. I’ve always believed in personal and business ethics and I knew these values could never just be words on a paper or website. The five values I dreamt about for hours that day are now called Brand Persona but they are still the same, namely: 

I remember thinking that day that the human touch would be especially important for a technology-based industry like ours and I can say that I even underestimated the role human relationships would really play in the future of our organization. For example, we became a member-centric association dedicated to the welfare of our members and their businesses and we drew up a Member Value Matrix to measure how we deliver value to our members. And for the past 25 years our delegates and exhibiters have built new business relationships and even friendships at our annual events, often following meeting up in our exhibit halls. In addition, we want customers to have a wholesome experience transacting at ATMs. This is all part of this value of humanity. Within ATMIA, we treasure being a team together who care about one another as well as our members. And the Board of Directors of ATMIA has treated me and my team with respect and caring, too. So, humanity was a winning value from the start for us.

Let’s take the focus on technology next. I never envisaged just how massive innovation really is, both innovating ATMIA and enabling innovation in our industry. ATMIA has shepherded into existence a whole new API App model of ATMs called Next Gen ATMs. After a multi-year global future-proofing exercise involving more than 400 companies in over 50 countries and hundreds of meetings, the industry’s first certifications happened last year to inaugurate a new era for ATMs which will see them take their dominant position in self-service and the mobile-digital world and Internet of Things.

Innovations like this are tied to our Creativity value, too, by which we continuously seek solutions for problems, both internally and externally. I’ve always believed in action, not just talk. Walking the talk. This is part of Integrity – what we believe and think when no one is watching. It meant the world to me when industry thought leader, Leland S. Englebardt, Practice Leader, UPSHOT FINANCIAL stated “ATMIA represents our industry with vigor, vision and integrity. Many organizations claim to be leaders, but ATMIA is one of the few that has always walked the talk. After a quarter century it continues to do so, creating a Next Gen environment that will keep ATMs the most trusted and popular touchpoints for final self-service worldwide. I salute the directors, members, and staff of ATMIA for their great work and I wish them another 25 years of success.”

And Quality is about delivering on promises and exceeding expectations. It’s about the professional touch and always going the extra mile, just as the Good Book teaches. Put these five values together – Creativity, Quality, technology-driven innovation, Integrity and Humanity and you have a winning formula for long-term growth in the industry.

I am sure this powerful package of five Brand Persona will continue to guide ATMIA for the next 25 years of industry service. We are aiming to realize our 2050 vision, first formulated a decade ago in 2012, together with over 11,000 members in 70 countries:

“Believing in the power and convenience of self-service technology, and in the longevity of cash, we commit our industry to the goal of ensuring that the ATM remains the dominant and best global channel in the payment space up to 2050 and beyond.”


Belief is incredibly powerful – so are visions that are grounded in reality and in genuine aspiration – the stuff of dreams. I close this article celebrating our 25th anniversary with the words of a very wise lady who continues to grace our industry with her statesman-like professionalism and dynamism.

Donna Embry, President and COO of KLEAR Technologies, which made history last year by becoming the first company in the world to certify as Next Gen-ready, had this to say about ATMIA: "As ATMIA celebrates its 25th anniversary, I reflect on the incredible journey we have taken and the exciting times ahead. Thanks to the leadership of Mike Lee and the tremendous work of the membership on the Next Gen initiative, the ATM industry is positioned to reach unprecedented heights. Combining the mobility of consumers, the Internet of Things, the already successful proliferation of devices worldwide, and the introduction of various new forms of digital currency, such as Crypto, the Next Gen project offers an exciting way for the ATM industry to reinvent itself and to ensure that there will be at least another 25 years to celebrate. The ride on the superhighway will be a most enjoyable one and I am looking forward to it."

Donna, it’s not just me, but the whole ATM industry which is looking forward to the journey on the Superhighway of the future.
"Happy anniversary to the ATMIA, and here's to another quarter century of innovation, leadership and advocacy."

Sam M. Ditzion, President & CEO of Tremont Capital Group


For 25 years, the ATMIA mission is and has been assisting our members with their business needs, helping them to save time, money and resources through top-notch educational opportunities, premier advocacy services, supporting cash and creating meaningful connections, as well as industry visibility.

As your ATM Industry Association, we strive to provide what your organization needs to succeed. We could not achieve this...without you. The support from our members is incredibly important not only to us – but it is truly vital to the overall well-being of the ATM industry.

We pause today to say Thank you to our Loyal Members!

U.S. Conference Sponsor Spotlight

See who is sponsoring at this year’s US Conference, February 8-10,2022 at the Loews Sapphire Resort. Our theme is Reinventing the ATM Ecosystem – a new dawn of self-service innovation that will have us focused on the industry’s Next-Gen ATMs initiative and a world of exciting new capabilities in the self-service channel.

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New Membership Level for Financial Institutions

ATMIA recently announced a new membership level that focuses on benefits to meet the needs of small to mid-size financial institutions. 

More than 50 of the world’s largest banks, and 9 out of the top 10 in the U.S., are already active members of ATMIA, a financial industry trade association that provides its members with ATM industry best practices, education, advocacy, and networking opportunities.

We invite you to explore the benefits offered with this membership.

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We have recently published premium reports on a wide-variety of topics from security to the future of the industry – to provide you with a competitive edge in planning your next move in our ever-changing marketplace.

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Industry Awards

Who are this year’s winners? Join us to find out!

During the opening session at the upcoming ATMIA US Conference we will announce the winners of ATMIA’s 2021 Industry Awards and ATMmy Awards. The first recipient of the Peter Kulik Innovation award will also be awarded.

ATMIA and the International Marketing Forum are proud to host these awards and honor those who prove themselves as leaders in the ATM industry through our annual industry awards.

ATMIA: The Best of 2021

What made the biggest impact at ATMIA.com in 2021? Our best are listed below. We invite you to see which company showrooms, whitepapers, and press releases had the largest number of visits on our website in 2021. Did you get a chance ot read them?


2022 Washington, DC Fly-in Dates Announced!

March 29-30, 2022 will be our next Fly-in to Washington, DC. It is too early to determine exactly what our focus will be, but support for reintroduction of the Payment Choice Act bills in the Senate and House, cryptocurrency regulation, and OCC rulemaking, are expected to be at the top of our list.  The headquarters venue will be the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.  This will be somewhat dependent on our ability to have face-to-face meetings.
As per our previous format, participants are invited to attend a strategy meeting at the hotel, at 5:00pm ET, Tuesday, March 29.  The group will meet in the Hyatt Regency lobby Wednesday morning and depart from there for the day's meetings.
For more information about participating in the Fly-In, contact David Tente.  Interested members should book their hotel reservations as soon as possible, as rates are likely to increase and availability become more scarce,
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