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The PBS Hawaiʻi Weekly Newsletter
The PBS Hawaiʻi Newsletter
 November 20 - November 26, 2022
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Aloha from Ron Mizutani, President and CEO…
w/ Kapono Kanoho | Wed., Nov. 23, 2022
The day after Thanksgiving has become a day of commercialism, but every year, full-time real estate broker and part-time line enthusiast Kapono Kanoho subverts the concept of Black Friday. 
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HIKI NŌ on PBS HAWAI'I: THIS CHANGED EVERYTHING, HIKI NŌ IN THE AGE OF COVID - PART FIVE airs on (Tues., Nov. 22, 7:30 pm) In this episode, students continue to document their lives as they enter a third consecutive school year altered by the global pandemic. Many report how their family life has changed and how they’re coping with challenges at home.

PBS HAWAI'I CLASSICS: Exploring Wai'anae (Wed., Nov. 23, 7:30 pm) This rebroadcast of Spectrum Hawaiʻi explores the Waiʻanae Coast. Where we talk with legendary surfer Rell Sunn and Aunty Aggie Cope of the Wai'anae Cultural and Arts Center.

The two-part program TUTANKHAMUN: ALLIES & ENEMIES (Wed., Nov. 23, 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm) commemorates the centennial of the opening of King Tut’s tomb, exploring the mysteries of his life and burial. Historians and scientists delve into secrets surrounding the pharaoh’s childhood and family.

On GREAT PERFORMANCES: Josh Groban’s Great Big Radio City Show (Fri., Nov. 25, 8:00 pm), the renowned baritone performs songs alongside special guest stars including Cyndi Lauper, Denee Benton, New York City Ballet principal dancer Tiler Peck and others.

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Final Thought…
Do you enjoy waiting in lines?

I can’t say I do, in fact, I avoid lines like I avoid my dentist, but there are some people who absolutely LOVE waiting in lines.  Psychologists and behaviorists refer to the decision to wait in long lines as self-signaling. What does that mean?  Every day we make decisions that communicate to ourselves the type of person we view ourselves to be. Most of us don’t have a clear sense of our own preferences so we find the answer by observing our own behavior.  People who stand in lines and endure long waits are showing their commitment to a cause, an idea or a trend. It could be a free chicken katsu plate, tickets to a Taylor Swift concert or the latest Air Jordan sneakers.

On this week’s What School You Went? audio podcast, you’ll hear why a Black Friday shopper and his longtime friends are willing to stand in line for an entire week before sales begin. Their reason may surprise you.

Mahalo nui,
Ron Mizutani 
President and CEO 
PBS Hawaiʻi 
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