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Interfaith Inform
July 5, 2022
Kaufman Interfaith Institute


Watch - Yamma Ensemble
The Yamma Ensemble brings the cultural mosaic that is Israel alive. Their sounds—drawn from Eastern European, Balkan, Gypsy, Sephardic and Yemenite melodies—are at times rollicking and joyous, at others moving and mournful. But they are always vibrant, passionate, and performed from the heart. To listen to the Yamma Ensemble is to stroll the markets of Old Jaffa, to sip coffee in a café above the Mediterranean. It is to experience the mystery of Israel.

Their latest music video is a tribute to Jerusalem. Its spiritual power inspires people as if the air is charged with the power of the divine spirit. A holy city to the three major Abrahamic religions: throughout its long history, Jerusalem has been destroyed, besieged, attacked, captured, and recaptured. There is a belief that peace in Jerusalem will bring peace to the whole world.
In their new video of Psalm 125 the Yamma Ensemble chose to focus on the artisans of Jerusalem. Those who engage in hand crafts, old artistic traditions that have been here in Jerusalem since ancient times.