Summertime Salumi
Summertime Salumi
From domestic bresaola to imported Prosciutto di Parma, Ingardia Bros. is proud to carry a wide variety of salumi. This week, we're exploring some of our favorite Italian-inspired cured meats.
  Bresaola Citterio
Made by Citterio from meticulously selected, fresh cuts of lean, top rounds of premium quality beef, Bresaola is delicately seasoned and naturally dry-air aged. The result is a thin melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. Its satiny, rich-colored texture and complex flavor present a taste that’s subtly sweet with a tantalizing, slightly fruity “bouquet.” 
Bresaola Citterio | 3lbs
Capocollo is prepared by curing pork shoulder and sometimes neck meat with red or white wine, garlic, and various herbs and spices. The result is a delicately spiced, slightly smokey, with beautiful fat marbles throughout.
Capocollo | 5lbs 
Guanciale is an Italian cured pork product made from jowls (or cheeks). While it may sound similar to pancetta, its flavor is typically more robust while its texture is more delicate and silky. When cooked, its fat melts away, adding a delicious flavor to the dish.

Guanciale | 1.8lbs
Citterio Mortadella     
Citterio's Mortadella is made from finely ground, premium pork meat with pistachios and gently oven-roasted to produce a rich, authentic Italian flavor and a rich melt-in-your-mouth flavor. The family-owned company was founded in 1878 and continues to focus on producing quality products with classic, time-honored flavors.
Citterio Mortadella | 6lbs
Citterio Pancetta  
This deli-style pancetta from Citterio is versatile and can be sliced thin for use in charcuterie boards and sandwiches or can be diced for use in pasta like the classic Carbonara. It's less smoky than bacon and a common substitute for guanciale.
Pancetta | 6-8lbs 
Ingardia Bros. carries both imported and domestic varieties of prosciutto. This Italian-style dry-cured ham is typically served uncooked and is widely popular. It has a delicate salty-yet-sweet flavor and silky texture.
Prosciutto Citterio (USA) | 9-11lbs
Prosciutto di Parma (Italy) | 16-17lbs
Salami is an Italian dry-cured sausage that is typically sliced thin. From traditional Genoa to spicy Calabrese, Ingardia Bros. carries a variety of salami ranging in size and flavor. 

Salami Calabrese | 3lbs
Salami Genoa Citterio | 6lbs
Salami Molinari | 3lbs
Sopressata is an Italian salami made with garlic and various herbs and spices. However, it does have some distinguishing features that differentiate it from salami. For example, Soppressata typically is wider and more coarsely ground than other salami.
Sopressata (Citterio)| 7lbs 
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Ingardia Bros. Produce, Inc. carries a wide variety of domestic and imported cured meats. When placing your next order, be sure to ask your sales representative about our other varieties. Prices and availability subject to change.
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