A special message from ATMIA to all our members.
A special message from ATMIA to all our members.
Dear Amber,
I would like to take this opportunity to send a special message from ATMIA to all our members and their business partners affected by the new surge in infections driven by a highly contagious variant of the coronavirus.  We hope that you and your circle of loved ones and colleagues are staying safe and well during these challenging times.
ATMIA is helping the industry to build a brighter future through NextGen ATMs and more robust crime-fighting through the Global ATM Crisis & Crime Management Intelligence System for the ATM Industry. These tools are invaluable in providing you with the knowledge and capacity to navigate through the recovery. 
As a reminder to our members, ATMIA will be holding a webinar on the 8th of September on ATM Developments in India. By harnessing new technologies, this webinar will explore what this new API App model for ATMs can mean to the future of ATMs in India. This is a free service to our members, to register click here.
A special offer to our non-member industry stakeholders in the Asia region, if you join Next-Gen ATM Consortium by 5th September, which is a free service, ATMIA will also offer a free ticket to our upcoming webinar on " ATM Developments in India". For more details on this offer, please contact sandra.smith@atmia.com.  
As vaccination rates continue to increase and certainty returns, ATMIA will be your partner in making the most of the many new opportunities that await. There is no doubt, ATMIA remains hopeful that good times, better times, will return in the near future.

Stay safe and healthy.


Sandra Smith
Executive Director, Asia Pacific 
C: +61 424 300 660
This position paper overviews the benefits of recycling cash at ATMs with universal deposit-taking by:

1. Increasing the relevance of ATMs in an era of declining bank branches.

2. Keeping the costs of cash competitive

3. Increasing foot traffic at ATMs for additional transactions


ATM Industry News and Items of Interest

AFRICA IAD Report! Grow Your AFRICA ATM Business   Published Friday, August 13, 2021

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Farhan Faruqui appointed Chief Financial Officer    Published Thursday, August 12, 2021

ANZ today announced the appointment of Farhan Faruqui as Chief Financial Officer reporting to CEO Shayne Elliott.

Protect Your ATM Investment--Join ATM Security Association    Published Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Protect Your ATM Investment--Join ATM Security Association and Access World’s First Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System for the ATM Industry #atms #atmsecurity #protectyouratms #atmindustry #atmia #atmdeployers

U.S. ATM Deployer Market Opportunities!    Published Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Breaking News - Cash Is Still King!     Published Wednesday, August 18, 2021
This Month's Global Pro-Cash News

Featured ATM Industry White Papers      Published Monday, August 16, 2021
Latest White Papers for the ATM Industry

Featured Reports

ATMIA recently published premium reports on a wide variety of topics from security to the future of the industry – to provide you with a competitive edge in growing your ATM business in the ever-changing ATM marketplace.

Next Gen ATMs Business Case Toolkit - 
The Matrix presents the business case for each stakeholder segment of the ATM industry, providing budget worksheets for calculating the potential Return on Investment that can be achieved by embracing this new API APP model for ATMs, with its standard interfaces. Supporting the Business Case Matrix are interactive financial worksheets that will enable you to calculate the potential long-term Return on Investment (ROI), to strengthen budget requests for the implementation of NextGen.  

Next Gen ATM User Interface & Metrics - 
This report explains why the architecture of the Next Gen ATM blueprint, launched in November 2020, is geared to enhancing the future of ATM consumer experiences and outlines all the relevant factors to measure the improvement of the user interface (UI). There are chapters on the Next Gen ATM, including its business case in an era of Open Banking, on Interface Technologies, both hardware and software, a Customer Interface Overview, including how to customize the UI and increase customer loyalty,  a Functionality, and Transaction Flow Overview, Next Gen Certification, Next Gen API Metrics, Non-Card and Non-Contact Transaction Initiation, and on Additional and Alternative Security and Authentication, including analysis of biometrics, geo-checking, geo-blocking, geospatial awareness and contactless and cardless transactions.

Cash News from Sargent & Greenleaf!  June 16, 2021 - ATM Industry Association

Cash And Atm Trends During The Covid Pandemic   May 19, 2021 - Altron Bytes Managed Solutions

Banking industry commits to supporting customers who depend on cash UK Finance


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Monitor and coordinate intelligence about criminal activity and ATM threats to create security standards focused on the self-service channel.

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To design responses to ongoing criminal activity targeting the industry by focusing on attacks that impact ATM usage and operation, globally.

Who We Serve:
Global manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, deployers, and financial institutions to establish a 'one-stop shop' for ATM security.

Key Benefits:

Faster, more comprehensive information on ATM threats

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Networking with other industry stakeholders

Comprehensive ATM security best practices

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The Annual Peter Kulik Innovation Award 

The annual Peter Kulik Innovation Award celebrates innovations in the global ATM industry.  This ATMIA award recognizes a new way of using technology that improves the way the ATM industry works by solving an important industry problem, improving the security of the ATM ecosystem, or enhancing the user experience at ATMs.Design best-practices suggest a large font size for easy readability both on desktop and mobile devices. To read more click here
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