Unified Theater, Career Day and more!
Unified Theater, Career Day and more!
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A Show on Kindness and Acceptance ~
Unified Theater

On March 3, friends and family had the chance to witness A Show on Kindness and Acceptance, an original production, written, produced and directed by the students of IEA and Northwest Catholic. Throughout the play students put together small skits showing how to practice kindness and acceptance in a variety of situations. The show took us from the classroom to the football field, through culinary school, and even a debate between artists and scientists. Through all of these situations, the students were able to resolve their conflicts in a positive way. In the end, one of the actors said it best, "I love kindness and acceptance!"

IEA Spring Fun Career Day

On March 31, students had the opportunity to take part in IEA's Spring Fun Career Day. Throughout the afternoon, students learned about a variety of careers including: chef, video editor, building supervisor, yoga instructor, occupational therapist, grocery store clerk, and bridge engineer. Additionally, some recent alumni, Rachel, Tommy, Ryan and Randy, stopped by to share some of their experiences since graduating IEA. As Rachel shared, "You may not enjoy your jobs, but they are all on the path that will help you find what you really want to do."
At the end of the day, students shared what they had learned. Some of the highlights included:
"Anyone can have any job they want, if they work to pursue those goals."
"Always keep your head up, and have an open mind for new ideas, be a good teammate and help one another."
"Work is hard, work is fun, work is AWESOME!"
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April 19, 2017
Parent Workshop

May 10, 2017
Spring Show

May 24, 2017
Honorary Reception

June 19, 2017

Help IEA Win a Playground!

Colgate®, ShopRite®, and TerraCycle® are giving a school the opportunity to win a brand new playground! The school that earns the most Playground Credits between 
March 12 and June 30 will win! Click here to vote for our school. You can vote every day until June 30. We are currently in 9th place!

We need your empty toothpaste tubes!

Did you know your empty toothpaste tube could help IEA win a playground? IEA is collecting empty toothpaste tubes, used toothbrushes, and empty floss containers. For every 2 pounds we collect, we'll get points to our playground! Please send yours in to the school today!
Identifying Your Child's Behavorial and Emotional Triggers & Building an Emotional Toolbox
April 19, 2017
1:00-2:00 pm
A free program, hosted by IEA's school psychologists, for parents of children (with or without disabilities) who are having behavioral difficulties at home or in the community.

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