New Year News
February 2018

£100,000 cheque presented for Immunotherapy Research

Thanks to the endeavors of our many fundraisers and donors, over many years, we have been able to contribute £100,000 towards a trial to see whether immunotherapy treatment will have a beneficial impact in treating CUP patients.
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Immunotherapy and side effects
Cancer therapies have side effects but the side effects associated with immunotherapy are generally considered to be much less than with chemotherapy. 
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Annual Report & Accounts 

Our annual report and accounts for year ending 1st October 2017 have been submitted to the Charity Commission and can be viewed on their website (with some neat graphical representations).
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Making decisions about treatment (regrets or no regrets?)
An interesting short article has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  It is particularly relevant as we work on the development of a Patient Decision Aid for CUP. 
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Patient support for Molecular Profiling

The CUP Foundation trustees have set aside a small annual fund to be able to offer financial support to some UK CUP patients where the application of molecular profiling (not routinely available on the NHS) might offer significant diagnostic value; and the patient is genuinely unable to fund it. An application may be be made by eMail to the charity by the oncologist. 

Supporters news

Thank you to all those who continue to raise money and awareness. Some recent examples include: Mark Stow, and his family & friends, who have raised over £7000 for CUP Foundation since March 2017 in memory of his sister Nicky; and trustee Philippa McEwan who held her annual coffee morning in November and raised £615.

World Cancer Day - February 4th

World Cancer Day on 4 February was an opportunity to reflect: on those who have lost their lives to an ‘unknown’ cancer, their surviving loved ones, those undergoing treatment now and the scientific potential offered by molecular diagnostic techniques that should remove CUP from the list of cancers in the foreseeable future.
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Generous bequest

Karen Lomas , a brave and generous supporter kindly left £5000 to CUP Foundation in her will. She had lived with CUP for nearly 5 years and her story was captured in a Daily Mail article in 2016.
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