You help our clients walk their journeys with hope
You help our clients walk their journeys with hope
Feeling of Rebuilding & Rebirth

A message from Marlene…
Dear friends,
We recently issued our 2020 Annual Report, and I must say, it was a pleasure to write! There was so much to celebrate with those we serve and have served as we came together during this past year. 
Together, we answered the challenges of COVID-19, thanks to your support and the energy of our staff-heroes who continued to serve our clients in addition to setting up new safety and health protocols, while ensuring they, themselves, and their own families remained safe and healthy.
As previously shared, Catholic Charities Community Services (CCCS) and Catholic Family Center (CFC) will serve together as one combined entity, effective January 1. We will continue to deliver our services to those who need us the most, and are continuing our plans to improve and expand our ability to offer effective treatment options - for example:
  • We celebrated the re-opening of Jones House, one of our community residences for men in recovery, with a virtual ribbon cutting and created a housewarming registry for those who would like to celebrate with us!

  • We recently broke ground on a new and expanded community residence for women in recovery which will also accommodate women with small children, Barrington House.

  • We have integrated our Restart Outpatient clinic and our Mental Health Clinic; our new reception area is brighter, and truly redefines welcome.
This summer, we celebrate every opportunity we have to come together to work on this sacred mission and look forward to all that is to come.
Thank you for all you do to help our clients walk their journeys with hope.

In gratitude,
President & CEO
This is why I give.

Born in 1942, Katie (not her real name) never knew she was adopted, yet always felt very different from her family. It wouldn’t be until 2005 that her aunt would finally share her adoption papers with her. That was the moment Katie found out that Catholic Family Center had been the place where her adoptive family was formed! Click here to read more about Katie.

A Walk In Their Words

Over 30 people joined us and walked in solidarity to commemorate World Refugee Day, and helped us raise over $2,000 to help CFC’s Refugee and Immigration Department. Click here to check out some photos from the walk!

Jones House - a housewarming!

Shop our Amazon Jones House Housewarming Registry to help welcome the men back into their new safe space! All items are sent directly to CFC - making this way to give back easy & convenient! Click here to shop now!

Announcing Catalyst for Independence - a monthly giving program

It’s so easy to help individuals reclaim their independence! With a monthly gift, YOU can help them live with dignity as they journey toward achieving their goals. It’s a super-easy way to accelerate your impact, and bring your mission to fruition - become a Catalyst for Independence today!
Announcing CFC's Annual Report

Announcing CFC’s Annual Report

Our staff have always risen to the challenges our clients face, the safety and health concerns of our community, and any economic and social upheaval that adds more pressure to the lives of those we serve. During 2020, these pressures were dramatically exacerbated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to share with you one thing that remains constant: we have so many heroes here at CFC! See their stories in our Annual Report.
Empty Bowls 2021 - soup's back on!
Join us for a bowl! Empty Bowls will be back as an in-person event on Thursday, December 2nd at Kodak Center on Ridge Road. Mark your calendars now and come kick off the holiday season at this popular event!
Contact us if you are interested in volunteering to make this special event a success! 

Spotlight on a Program: Restart Addiction Treatment Services

Take your own personal tour of our Integrated Clinic’s Welcome Center, and of Jones House, one of our safe spaces for men in recovery.

Special Items Needed!

Many of our programs serving women and children are in need of donated items, most especially back-to-school supplies and items for personal hygiene.
Please contact with questions or to schedule drop-offs!

Volunteers Needed

CFC is always in need of volunteers to support our programs! Click here to check out all of our current volunteer opportunities! 
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