Picture Day, Conferences, Hearing and Vision Screening
Picture Day, Conferences, Hearing and Vision Screening
October 11, 2021
 Dear Ordway Friends,

As part of my entry, I have met with each homeroom to introduce myself to the children. This has given me an opportunity to set a positive, friendly tone with the children as their new principal who wants a safe and kind school, where all of our wonderful children can do their best learning. This simple language and the design below, The Kindness, Safety, Learning Triangle, is my own quick, mini Social Emotional Learning (SEL) graphic that helps bring clarity to my conversations when “problem solving” with even our youngest children. Children make mistakes and are learning to regulate their reactions and emotions. For example, “Can you do your best learning when…. any unkind/unsafe event... occurs? No. Do we need to feel safe to do our best learning at school? Yes”... even the youngest children understand the three are interrelated!
Since my talks with each class, in subsequent problem solving with any of them - all have been able to identify their actions as related to kindness or safety (or both) - this is a fantastic first step!  In a restorative model, we then proceed to ‘let’s turn your day around’ or, ‘Let's fix the problem/make things right’ by drawing a picture for, or apologizing to, the peer or adult. Sometimes I even find out that the child sent to me is the one owed the apology! This is why taking the time to listen and ‘problem solve’ with the children is so important whether at arrival, recess or in the classroom. Immediate feedback soon after by purposefully pointing out when they are in a better place (praising their calm body, kind words, patient and less frustrated, etc.) is reinforcing their efforts. This is hard work for children and most importantly, they are out of practice.

Any SEL program purposefully prompts even young children to be in a “world of thought” about their actions when they are not yet hardwired to do so, either due to development or impulsivity. Research reflects being in a world of thought developmentally occurring around age 8/grade 3 though some reach long before and others not yet by third! (Little preschool “worriers” are in a world of thought.) More commonly, children act and then reflect after. Add to that, an 18 month hiatus without the expectations of a typical preschool or elementary school schedule, one understands their lack of stamina for ‘doing school’. Parents may see this when children arrive home after school - many are truly tired. Please know that when we notice a child has gaps - (i.e. rarely used scissors or did much writing during the 18 months) we strive to provide the support and experiences now. Similarly for their social and emotional gaps - after being home, young children everywhere are understandably struggling to share the teacher's attention with 20++ classmates; to wait to take turns; or need to complete/participate in a non-preferred activity. Our youngest children have never even had “normal school.” Whether providing the necessary academic or social emotional scaffolding, it needs time. Taking the time now to ensure we are meeting each child where they are is our priority. Rushing and stressing them out (children/teachers) to get ‘caught up’ is counterproductive - we need to provide time for the new learning and the relearning. Learning is not linear - it spirals, plateaus, and accelerates throughout the year. Right now we are all taking stock and providing, especially SEL, support where needed so we land in a great place academically as well as emotionally as we move through this historic year!  

Debra Dunn


Picture Day - Tomorrow

Ordway Picture Day is Tomrrow. Pictures will be taken at school during school hours. The link to pre-pay for photos is found here www.olympicphotogroup.com/prepay

Please see the Olympic Photo Group Pre-pay link for additional questions about ordering photos. 
Photo make-up day is November 16.
Please let your children know that it is OK for them to take off their mask when they are in the photo chair. We will have plenty of social distancing and air flow between photographers and other students.
Picture Day Volunteers
Hearing and Vision Screening will take place on October 18-19.
The following student will have screening on those days:
  • K - 3rd graders
  • 4th graders who are new to BISD or assigned to special education. 
 If your student falls into one of the above categories and you would like to opt out of the screening, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact school nurse Carol Beard in the Ordway Health Room at 206-780-1453.Design best-practices suggest a large font size for easy readability both on desktop and mobile devices.

Lost and Found

More items are being claimed! Thank you for your help in labeling your child's items - if you have not yet labeled your child's sweatershirts, jackets, lunch bags and water bottles please do so as soon as possible - It helps us tremendously! 

Conferences will be available on Skyward October 13-22. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held via Zoom on Thursday, October 28th and Friday, October 29th. Sign up throuch Skyward Family Access.
NOTE: There is not school on October 28th & 29th due to Parent Teacher Conferences.
If you need assistance signing up, please contact your child's teacher or Sarah Dunstan at sdunstan@bisd303.org or 206-780-7637. 
For community activities of interest to students and families, click the button below/ 
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