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To spread out the risk of dangerous and potentially costly ice dams, we have to keep the edges of our roof clear (it's a great arm and shoulder workout).  As the life insurance industry struggles with a low interest rate environment, carriers are also looking to spread out their risk and keep costs down.  A couple of ways to do this were covered at our virtual fall meeting: 
  1. Carriers will start adjusting their book of business by preferring lots smaller cases over a few giants to spread out the underwriting risk.  
  2. We should also expect to see a move towards variable life as separate account products tend to be less expensive than general account products.  Agents, get ready to dust off your securities licenses!  
 IDA President Craig Collins and Bobby Samuelson discussed the return to variable life and what agents can do to prepare for it.  Watch the full video
Melissa Church
Director of Marketing
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A Cover Letter from You Can Help Expedite Underwriting
One of the most undervalued and underused tools of our life underwriting process is the cover letter. Telling the “client’s story” and how you’re supporting their overall financial strategy can be valuable to the underwriter and expedite the process.
Consider these ways a cover letter can make the difference in your life insurance sales.
American General
Help Your Clients Look Forward to Their Future with Confidence
Our NEW interactive consumer tool, Life with Confidence, can help simplify the conversation.  You can use it with your clients to explain IUL in an easy-to-follow and engaging format, so they can learn at their own pace.
Columbus Life
Introducing Our SPIA to Life Program
Our new IRA-SPIA to Life Program can help provide value to both your clients and your practice. This asset repositioning program is designed for your wealthier clients who have more IRA/qualified assets than they need to retire. Find Out More
More Clients Eligible for Easy Underwriting
Our Easy Underwriting program has been greatly expanded. More of your clients can benefit from underwriting that doesn’t include paramedical exams or labs. See who’s eligible
John Hancock
Introducing eDelivery Of Policy Contracts
We’re excited to introduce eDelivery of policy contracts for your term and single-life universal life policies! This new service will help streamline the delivery process and ensure post-delivery requirements are signed in-good-order.  Tell me more
Legal & General
40-Year Term Solution
Legal & General America offers up to 40 years of guaranteed, level term life insurance coverage. Consumers are looking for simple, more affordable options when it comes to protecting their financial futures. Download the sales idea
Lincoln Financial Group
Coming Soon!
Save the date for our “COVID and Medicare: Central Planning Considerations” webcast. Stay tuned for additional details on our next webcast on Thursday, December 17 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Mutual of Omaha
Fully-Underwritten Life Products are Available on e-App!
We're pleased to announce that Income Advantage IUL, Life Protection Advantage IUL, and AccumUL Answers are now available on the iPipeline e-Application system. Get started
National Life Group
Indexing: The Secret Sauce of our IUL
In this segment of our Conversation Video Series, National Life’s AVP of Marketing Morgan Gold speaks with a leader in our Independent field and CEO of NIW Companies, Inc. Daen Wombwell, about indexing and some key differences between the index crediting strategies offered with an IUL policy. Watch the video
Leveraging Concentrated Stock:  Sales Story
Help your clients diversify from their concentrated stock position and improve the effectiveness of their legacy plan.  With this sales story example, you can help them sell the stock and invest the after-tax proceeds into an IUL life insurance policy for the benefit of their heirs. 
North American
Find Your Next Client Through Referrals and Policy Reviews
Referrals can be a powerful way to grow your client base. But sometimes, it can be difficult to generate new client sources and buying leads can put a big drain on your budget. Join us for a webinar on December 17 for some fresh, new ideas on how to get in front of more people, generate the kind of referrals you want to be meeting with and implement policy reviews. Register today!
Penn Mutual 
Not Your Typical Year-End Planning Ideas for 2020
There are a number of year-end planning strategies that are unique to 2020 and have a short expiration date.  The new issue of “Think About It” discusses several ideas for year-end planning that financial professionals can match to various categories of clients - high income entrepreneurs, pre-retirees and lower-income retirees.  Contact Melissa Church for a copy of the full article: melissa@newwestinsurance.com
How Does 14 More Years of Cash Accumulation Sound?
We enhanced the Policy Value Credit on the Protective® Strategic Objectives II VUL to offer clients 14 more years of cash accumulation. That means more tax-deferred growth potential for retirement plans, and protection for their loved ones. See what 14 more years of accumulation could do for your clients.
Introducing Concierge Care Services
All new and existing life insurance with the BenefitAccess Rider (BAR) policyholders in 33 states will now have completely free access to Concierge Care Services. These services give individuals and their family members access to resources that can help them plan for and contend with chronic illness.  Learn more
Trust Planning in A New Tax Paradigm
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) brought significant changes to the tax law, including the area of estate and gift taxes. In 2020, the exclusions for federal estate and gift tax exemptions (indexed for inflation) increased for both individuals and couples. While many estates will fall below the federal exclusion amount, there are still many important reasons to consider using a trust funded with life insurance for legacy planning.  Our brochure outlines how clients can employ trusts to help protect their legacies and transfer them to future generations.
Securian Financial
Don’t Forget About Our WriteFit Expansion
Take advantage of our WriteFit guidelines expansion with eApp. The max face amount for WriteFit applicants ages 18 through 50 is currently $3 million through the end of 2020.  
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