Ordway Elementary Newsletter 
September 21, 2020

Principal | Lunch Program

“I can smell autumn in the breeze. The sweet chill of pumpkin, and crisp sunburnt leaves” - Ann Drake
Dear Ordway Families,
There are many things to be grateful for as we leave summer and enter the first day of autumn this week! I am grateful for the sight of a blue sky and the ability to breathe in the clean air this week. As we transition into a new season, it helps us reflect on the struggle and beauty of letting go.  With the school year starting remotely, teachers and students have had to let go of being together in person. The priority of changing how we interact to keep ourselves and loved ones healthy and safe is a beautiful gift of kindness that we are giving to one another but it is not as easy to see as the changing leaves.  

The learning landscape may change as our efforts to reduce cases continue and the numbers for COVID 19 decrease and plateau. The BISD School Board will be discussing timelines and logistics for a change to an in-person hybrid model at their September 24th Board Meeting. Look for the link if you would like to attend. An updated Hybrid Model Q&A is available on the BISD website.
 Just as we can celebrate each season’s unique qualities, we can be proud of what we as a community have accomplished during this challenging time and capture the feeling of accomplishment as we move ahead with the work that is to come.  The staff and I appreciate your participation in Parent Night and the parent survey sent the week prior. This helps us to constantly review and reflect on feedback to better support students. We are also excited that the Ordway library is open and students are able to check out books! Our Books & Materials Pick Up began last Friday and we will be scheduling more pickups so that students can have a variety of learning and reading materials each month. Thank you for your time and partnership with this.

As you may have seen, in the materials bag from your child’s teacher is login information for the fall Fastbridge screening assessment. This online test in reading and math is one, of many ways, to see where students' skills are this fall. This week many classes will start the Fastbridge screening assessment. Many other assessments and tools are used in addition to FastBridge to create a comprehensive and fair picture of your child's starting point this fall.

Season’s may change, but the heart of the Ordway community remains the same!

With appreciation,

Melinda Reynvaan

Materials Pick up Friday September 25

2nd and 4th Grade:
  • Your teacher(s) will let you know if you have items to pick up.
  • Items can be found in the South Courtyard 7:30 am -6 pm.
  • This is Self -Serve: park in bus lane or school parking lot. Wear a mask and social distance.
  • There will be carts/boxes for you to place library returns or anything for the student’s teacher.  All materials including student work, cards, or letters, library books must come in a bag and will sit for 4 days during a quarantine period. 
  • Friday October 2nd is Materials Pick up for K, 1st, & 3rd.


BISD is interested to learn your thoughts in response to the question:
Reflecting on the first weeks of the 2020-21 school year, what has gone well and what needs improvement?
All parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in this
Thoughtexchange and share their thoughts and star others' thoughts. Your feedback will be used to help refine BISD's learning models for the 20-21 school year. 

BISD Thoughtexchange

The USDA extended waivers which allow Bainbridge Island School District to provide free school meals (breakfast and lunch) for all youth ages 18 and younger through December 18, 2020.   More information and to place your order can be found on the BISD Food Services Website.
While these meal kits are free through December 18, there are still benefits to applying for Free and Reduced Lunches. More information on how to apply/renew for Free and Reduced Lunch is found here

Device Insurance

Whether your child has an iPad or a chromebook, you can purchase optional insurance in case anything happens to the device. Cost is $35/device.
The deadline for signing up for insurance is October 18th.
Device Insurance
If you need financial assistance provided by the Ordway PTO, please fill out the following form NLT October 5th.
Scholarship Form

Student Directory Information

Fostering community in our schools is important to the social and emotional development of our students. Giving parents and guardians the ability to contact each other is one way BISD helps to build connections between families!
Ordway student directory is available on Skyward.

Tutorial on Skyward Student Directory


State laws and rules require compliance with immunization requirements for ALL students on or before the first day of attendance at school. The purpose of the state immunization requirement is to protect the health of the public and individuals against certain vaccine-preventable diseases. Our schools will continue to work with families to ensure compliance with immunization requirements in state law no matter the student’s learning location. This means if a child participates in a school program, regardless of their location including online or remote learning, they must meet school immunization requirements per RCW 28A.210.080.  Please feel free to contact Carol Beard Ordway School Nurse at cbeard@bisd303.org.

ATTENDANCE LINE: 206-780-1075
MAIN OFFICE:  206-842-7637