Coronavirus Claimd New York City's Landmark Egg Cream Creation
Coronavirus Claimd New York City's Landmark Egg Cream Creation
To illustrate the vital importance of its illustrious history, Gem Spa is featured on the back cover of the first album by the New York Dolls. Poets Allen Ginsberg and Ted Berrigan both mentioned the stand in their works, where Robert Mapplethorpe bought Patti Smith her first egg cream, Madonna shot Desperately Seeking Susan there in 1984, Lou Reed loved to get egg creams there, Jean-Michel Basquiat paid homage to Gem Spa in a 1982 painting. In 1966, The Village Voice called it the "official oasis of the East Village". Abbie Hoffman gathered people for his 1967 protest at the New York Stock Exchange at Gem Spa. it was known as a "hippie hangout". In the late 60s, it was midway between two other iconic venues, the Fillmore East and the Electric Circus, now gone forever. Interested media contact Workhouse, CEO, Adam Nelson, via and visit
"Due to Covid, we were forced to close like so many beloved New York City businesses. To honor the special spirit of the shop, we are auctioning off memorabilia, egg cream equipment, and signs from the store. These are the last remnants of an iconic institution and we hope that with this auction, they will find a new home with someone who loves old New York and wants to preserve a piece of precious history."
- Parul Patel, Gem Spa 
To bid on a number of iconic auction items listed below, with more to come, please visit the official Gem Spa website found here
The Legendary & landmark Gem Spa sign | Birthplace of the Egg Cream
Gem Spa Sign One 12' L x 2' h 8.5 deep black base x 14" with yellow letters
Gem Spa Sign Two 9.7" L x 2' h 8.5 deep black base x 14" with yellow letters appeared in the film 200 Cigarettes with Courtney Love
Gates by renowned artist Paul Kostabi who has a permanent collection at the Whitney Museum and The Guggenheim Museum 8' 9 1/2" long x 8' wide
Egg Cream Sign that appeared above yellow awning 24 1/4" wide x 24 1/2" long x 8.5" deep
Gem Spa Sign appeared in 200 Cigarettes movie with Courtney Love; made of glass 84" wide x 31 1/4" high
Banner Street Sign (front store display) 6’2” x 7’9” 
Long storefront yellow menu sign 2nd Ave entrance 84 1/4" high x 19 1/4" wide x 1 1/4" deep
Long yellow storefront sign above 2nd Ave entrance 84 1/4" high x 19 1/4" wide x 1 1/4" deep
Egg cream Station (comes with 5 syrup pumps, egg cream soda fountain pumps) 6' x 3' x 30"
Satirical Schiti Bank Posters featuring The New York Dolls, Allen Ginsberg & Jack Kerouac, Abbie Hoffman, and the Gem Spa cat are 2' x 3' 
Gem Spa Banners 21' x 33"
Madonna shooting a scene from "Desperately Seeking Susan" in 1984 at Gem Spa. Photograph by Godlis 
The New York Dolls in 1973 at Gem Spa
"It is with a heavy heart that we announce Gem Spa has poured it’s last legendary egg cream and closed its doors forever.

This has been an extremely difficult decision, and one we are heartbroken to make. Forced to close the store due to New York City & State Covid restrictions implemented six weeks ago in the interest of safety to our customers and staff, we had hoped to reopen once things stabilized. Prior to the crisis, it had become increasingly apparent that the evolving character of the area was no longer able to sustain a corner creation like ours.

Coronavirus concerns closed our city, cratered businesses, and ultimately sealed the fate of our (close to) 100-year-old shop.

After careful review and assessment of our options, we have made the heartbreaking but necessary decision to close permanently.

We have enjoyed the most incredible love, support, loyalty and friendship from our neighbors, city, and visitors from around the world. We are, and always will be, eternally grateful to the historical artists, musicians, designers and dedicated denizen’s who saw us as much more than a beloved bodega but an iconic East Village institution. 

Although our physical doors are closing, we will live on through our website ( where we will be highlighting more of our rich history and the iconic figures that have made us who we are. We will also continue to sell Gem Spa branded merchandise as well as art, books and photographs inspired by our store. 

The Patel family would like to thank everyone for all the beautiful memories and for the opportunity to serve you. We hope that all of you are staying safe and in good health. Lots of love from all of us to all of you."

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