Evergreen Pop-Up Food Bank
When: Second and fourth Tuesday of every month, 2-4pm
Where: Parking Lot C (Walk-up or drive-through)
How it works: 
  • Walk-up or drive-through
  • We follow COVID safety protocols, so please wear a mask
  • Vegan options are available

Other food options on campus:
  • The Advocacy and Resource Center in the CAB has shelf-stable foods.
  • The Food Pantry has moved from Police Services to the Housing Community Center, and is accessible to students living on and off campus.
  • The Hungry Greener Program allows students in campus housing to apply for a limited number of free meals in the Greenery, or in their rooms if they are in isolation or quarantine. Apply to receive meals or donate meals. Note that this program does not operate during breaks or in the summer.  
Sponsored by the Center for Community Based Learning and Action, Vista, and CampusConnect Washington.
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