New home, new members, new events, and MORE! - June 2022 Newsletter
New home, new members, new events, and MORE!  - June 2022 Newsletter
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                June Newsletter 2022
Steve Ohlrich
"The Passage"    2021    Oil on Linen     20" x 16"

“The Passage” is the story of a passage of souls traveling through the inner universe to their ultimate destination. The image is based on an eerie late night event when we lived in a 1920s bungalow in Pasadena. I was sharply awoken by a terrified scream which felt as if it came from the room I was sleeping in. As I peered into the darkness, I saw nothing except light flowing in from beneath the door in an otherwise dark house. Outside the door was a thermostat that illuminated when someone stood before it. But who was there? There was no one else in the house. I sat up contemplating this, still stunned from the original horror that woke me up. I decided that maybe our hallway was a passage of souls, and one fearful soul was passing by, maybe wanting to alert me to their peril.

My son posed for the painting and the work was juried into a show at the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art in Wausau, Wisconsin, and was subsequently included in a digital catalogue along with the work of 15,000 international artists.  It was chosen as part of the Lunar Codex, organized by Dr. Samuel Peralta and NASA, to be placed in a time capsule on the surface of the moon.  It is the first commercial lunar landing in the history of mankind.  Of course, what truly brings me joy is my son was the model for this painting.

Originally from Chicago, I currently live Palm Desert.  I received a BFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago, a certificate of completion from The School of Representational Art in Chicago, and recently, I earned a Master’s Degree in Art Education from Texas Tech University. For the past 20-plus years I have worked as a painter and art educator at both college and high school levels.  I am represented by Bruce Lurie Gallery in Pacific Palisades, and Park City, Utah, as well as the 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago. Currently, I have an ongoing exhibition at the Oceanside Museum of Art. 



Member Meeting

June 11, 2022 at the historic Blinn House 
160 N. Oakland Avenue, Pasadena  91101
10:00am - noon  

Parking:  165 N. Madison Avenue (Blinn House lot), second drive on the right south of Walnut Street.

Recent Leadership Changes:   In addition to returning to the Blinn House, we have a new Acting Interim President in our Treasurer, Kathleen Swaydan.  Our President, Shaney Watters, has been dealing with personal issues that require her to step away from the PSA Presidency, at least in the short term.  Pursuant to the Bylaws, the PSA Executive Board met and appointed Kathleen to the position.  The Board thanks Kathleen for accepting the position, and we send our love and support to Shaney as she handles difficult and important personal matters. 
Annual Business:   There will be a short business meeting, with updates on upcoming exhibitions, exciting new opportunities and programs.
Welcome our newest members & art critique sharing:   Welcome to our newest members:  Dominique Kang, Pascal Rane, and Arella Tomlinson.     Time permitting we will share a few other artist's work, so please bring a finished or unfinished piece of your artwork.
The Raffle is Back!!  
This is a long and cherished tradition which helps members who may need assistance in paying dues.  Please bring member artwork or any other art-related items.  Please look through your homes and studios for any works that would benefit from their placement with a new art-loving family.  
EXCITING Mini-Grant Opportunity!  
Because of the creative slump many of us have found ourselves in during the pandemic, we are giving a $100 mini-grant to some lucky member for art related    materials or activities (art supplies, trips to museums, a workshop, etc.)  The rules:  Show up at a meeting, be current with your dues, and get a ticket.   A member will be chosen at random at the end of the meeting.   And when you win, we ask that you come back within 3 months to share what fun you had spending the grant.   
Summer Party         Details will be sent soon.  
New member Dominique Kang and members Darien Donner, Robert Van Nguyen and Vic Picou shared their art with the group during May's monthly meeting, hosted by Kathleen Swaydan..  We had animated and interesting discussions about art, art techniques and the motivation to create the images presented.  


If you need advice about technique, composition, framing or more, the PSA Art Critique sessions are just for you. Comments and advice are offered in a considerate and sensitive manner with the emphasis on helping you to resolve your questions. Come to the next meeting and see for yourself.  
Off the Wall
It’s all about the 97th Annual Juried Exhibition and the Artists’ Reception on Saturday, May 7 at the Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center in Burbank. The reception was very well attended; over 300 visitors arrived to view the art, meet the artists and enjoy the amazing snacks and refreshments provided by Pat Lee and the entire hospitality crew.  Juror Ken Ronney did a wonderful job selecting the artwork and the awards in the exhibition. Thank you, Ken.

Awards of Merit:
Fred Chuang for his painting "VAGARIES: aggression"
Victor Picou for his sculptures "The Witnesses of War”
Mike Pitzer for his painting “1970s Squirt Gun”
Honorable Mention awards:
Chuka Susan Chesney for her painting “My Imanginary Friend” 
Mims Ellis for her ceramic totem “By the Beautiful Sea”
Karen Hochman Brown for her digital art “Red Hibiscus Board Shorts Variations”

James Ackley McBride Award for Best Landscape 
Margaret Raab for her painting “Spring in Tifft."

Our congratulations to all of the award winners and all of the artists that had artwork selected for the 97th Annual Juried Exhibition.   

Missed the gallery show? Visit the digital version. on - so far we have had 4,507 visits and 309 reads. 

None of this would be possible without the team of PSA volunteers. The gallery installation team includes MariBeth Baloga, Rebecca Pollack, Tom Oldfield, Martin Ehrlich, Janet Manalo, Mariko Bird, Darien Donner, Mims Ellis, Maryellen Eltgroth, Victor Picou, Elaine Tietjen and Steve Smith. The catalog production team includes Alison Davies, Karen Hochman Brown, Danny Mattijetz and Debbi Swanson Patrick.   The Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center gallery staff led by Virginia Causton-Keene was very supportive in helping PSA achieve its vision for the 97th Annual Juried Exhibition.Thank you!

What’s next, you ask?  How about a photography juried exhibition, both traditional and digital? If you have a a cellphone camera, a DSLR or a traditional film camera, you should participate. Doesn’t interest you? Then start working now on your next masterpiece for the Artist’s Choice Exhibition (ACE) during October at Whites Fine Art Gallery in Montrose. 

Take-in will be mid-August. Look in your email inbox in the next few weeks for lots more information about both of these exciting opportunities.

We are working on one or two more gallery installations this year. Consider volunteering - the Exhibition Committee cannot do the job without many volunteers, so join the team today!

Thanks everyone,   Larry, Art and Tom
June Salon - June 18, 2022   2:00p-5:00p
June's salon is hosted by Barbara Thorn on her large deck under a 200 year old oak tree, uphill from beautiful downtown Burbank.  Bring some new art to share, a beverage and/or snacks to share.  Friends are welcome.

Email Barbara
to sign up.  You will receive her home address by noon on June 18th.      
If you would like to host a Salon in July or any other month, please email me.

Vic Picou, Salon Coordinator
Membership Dues

If you have already paid for this year, thank you!!
Membership dues for January 1 - December 31, 2022 are $75.00.   

You must be current with your dues in order to participate in exhibitions. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact Kathleen. We have a confidential scholarship program, and we can help!

In remembrance

We are saddened to announce the deaths of several well known
and well respected PSA artists.

Peter MacDonald

" Crying for the Moon", watercolor & ink, 18"x24"

Peter MacDonald was a favorite of many PSA artists - always cheerful and endlessly creative, We all marveled at his intricate creations and enjoyed his gentle presence at PSA events.

Rick Drobner

"Flannel Brain (Am I Losing My Edge", acrylic on canvas
Long time PS member, Rick Drobner was a master of many mediums - ceramics, printmaking, and painting - and we will miss his dry and acerbic wit, his easy laugh, and his indefatigable creative output.

Marilyn Stempel

"Firefighter at War", 15" x22"
Marilyn Stempel joined PSA during the pandemic and was active in our Zoom meetings.  She was always enthusiastic in showing us interesting and wildly different creations:  paintings, sculptures, and drawings.   
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