Aspen Skiing Company sends it. Plus, we talk local environment causes and
Aspen Skiing Company sends it. Plus, we talk local environment causes and
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April 14, 2017
Energizing people to take action
Will Roush and Peter Hart of Wilderness Workshop discussed environmental concerns with Earthjustice attorney Drew Caputo last week at the Mountain Chalet in Aspen. The panel was titled, "Resistance: in the courts and on the ground.” The advocacy event was meant to rally local people who care about the environment and to discuss what concerned citizens can do on a grassroots level.
Quote of the Week: 
“I guess it’s learning to understand fear, that the brain is going to try to sabotage you no matter what you do. You know, if the brain had it’s way, you’d be sitting in a dark place just eating ramen noodles, staying safe. I don’t think you can trust your brain. I think you have to go deeper, into something else. If you’re gonna reach, if you’re gonna do big things, you have to wrestle with this fear thing. And you never quite conquer it," Erik Weihenmayer, an accomplished mountaineer, kayaker and motivational speaker, said at a talk at Pitkin County Library. He was promoting his latest book titled "No Barriers." Weihenmayer has accomplished many feats after going blind as a teenager, including Mt. Everest and kayaking the Grand Canyon. Learn more about this inspiring character by clicking here. 
Aspen Skiing Company to buy 10 ski areas
SkiCo may very well be trying to take over the world, one ski resort at a time. This week, the company and KSL Capital Partners announced that they are acquiring Intrawest Resort Holdings, a North American mountain resort and adventure company that owns ski areas in Steamboat and Winter Park, and the California-based Mammoth Resorts. As big of a deal as this is, Aspen Snowmass’ season pass holders will not see any changes, at least not yet.
Good Week vs. Bad Week
It was a good week for ... 
Glenwood Post Independent: The staff found some photos of the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy in an old safe that had spent years locked away in the office. The photos were taken during Bundy's time in the valley, after he escaped from Garfield and Pitkin County jails in 1977.  
Mental health services in the valley: The lack of services is finally getting addressed in a conference this week. This is a multi-agency approach to tackling a huge issue in the area.
Rosie Whipple-Andrews: The Aspen jeweler was selected to showcase some of her pieces at the National Museum of Women in the Arts later this month. She is one of two fine jewelers invited to display pieces for auction.  
It was a bad week for ...
Aspen Film's Shortfest: Although the 26th annual event was a hit, festivals like this could be in jeopardy if funding is cut from the National Endowment for the Arts. We talked with nonprofit Aspen Film about this possibility.
Canary Initiative: It’s back to the drawing board for Aspen’s climate team. A decade ago, City of Aspen officials identified a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by the year 2020. But it's already 2017 and those emissions are only down 7.5 percent. It's time for a new plan ...
Residents of the Western SlopeTheir healthcare is already some of the priciest in the country and has a limited selection of insurers. But now things could be getting even worse after the announcement from insurance company Anthem, which said it may be getting rid of many Affordable Care Act exchanges. If this goes through, it could negatively affect nearly two-thirds of the counties in the state. 
Also in the news
Colorado’s $28.6 billion budget is nearing the end of its legislative journey.
To lessen the impact of oil and gas operations on the roads and the Battlement Mesa community, Ursa Resources has begun to install a temporary surface pipeline for recycled water, 6,217 feet of which will be within the residential area boundaries.
Roaring Fork Schools officials have finalized the policies and procedures that will guide the school district's new teacher housing program that was approved by voters as part of a $122 million bond issue in 2015.
Those stories and more are available online, in Mountain Edition and Valley Roundup
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See you next week!

The ski season is winding down, but there's a lot to look forward to this week, next month and next season.  
London calling
Things are slowing down all over town, but at the Belly Up, the beat goes on with London Souls performing Friday night.
Closing fun
Snowmass Ski Area will close up shop after this weekend. To celebrate, the Spring Fling (think beach party in the snow) is going down Saturday. Although Aspen Mountain won't close until next weekend, there will be some evening skiing and a party Friday night.
At the theater
Theatre Aspen presents several performances of Dear Edwina Jr. this weekend. The musical showcases the joys of growing up.  
More from the candidates
There are less than three weeks until Aspen City Council elections, and the race is heating up. Last week, we brought you Candidate Chats at Justice Snow's. Now, we have posted each conversation with the candidates online for your listening and reading pleasure. There is also a cheat sheet so you can glean more insights on where the candidates stand on the issues. Oh, and sidenote, candidate finance reports are in.
Everyone loves a good roundabout
Construction on the long-awaited El Jebel roundabout starts WednesdayThe $2.47 million project is not expected to slow traffic on Highway 82, but at times wide loads may be restricted on El Jebel Road.
(Don't) put some mussel into it
Boaters headed to Ruedi Reservoir this summer will find new gates at the boat ramp, restricting access to only times when officials can screen for two destructive species of mussels. 
A Coachella in the making?
The base of Buttermilk could look a bit different over Labor Day weekend this year. That's if Jazz Aspen Snowmass has anything to say about it. They want to offer camping space for 500 to 1,000 festival-goers. So far, Pitkin County Comissioners aren't all that jazzed about the idea
Getting that sunny-D
Looks like the sun will be out to play this weekend. Get it while you can, because it's looking like next week will be cloudy most days. For the full forecast, click here.
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