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Grand Valley State University

Highlights of UAS Meeting of
October 1, 2021
from ECS/UAS Chair

Dear Faculty Colleagues:
The University Academic Senate (UAS) will be meeting on Friday, October 1, 2021. As the UAS prepares for its first meeting of the 2021-2022 academic year, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the agenda items under consideration. In the spirit of open and effective communication, within the framework of our GVSU Shared Governance Tradition, my goal is to make sure that our faculty colleagues are informed of UAS agenda items before each UAS meeting. The work of the Executive Committee of the Senate (ECS) for the month of September, in four meetings, has resulted in actions taken by ECS acting within its powers as per our bylaws, acting on behalf of UAS, or motions supported by ECS with recommendations to UAS.
ECS Acting on Behalf of UAS:
  • The final draft charges to the Faculty Governance Standing Committees were approved for 2021-2022.
  • The GVSU Graduation Honors Policy Proposal that came from the University Registrar’s Office was reviewed.
  • The Equity and Inclusion Committee (EIC) report on Diversity of Faculty, Staff, and Students Across Colleges was reviewed.
  • The Equity in Personnel Processes (EPP) Task Force Final Report was reviewed.
Motions Supported by ECS with Recommendations to UAS:
ECS sets the agenda for UAS in the form of motions. Although motions come from ECS, it should not be considered a “done deal” because UAS (following Robert’s Rules) will have to act on these motions. The action from UAS is final. All ECS/UAS decisions are recommendations to the Provost and/or the President. ECS made specific motions on the following business items with a recommendation of support to UAS:
  • The Online Education and Microcredential Council (OEMC) recommendations on Committee Membership Increase were supported.
  • The Graduate Council (GC) recommendations on Transfer of Credit to a Graduate Program were supported.
  • The Faculty Facilities Planning and Advisory Committee (FFPAC) recommendations on Electricity and Power Access in Classrooms were supported.
  • The Faculty Facilities Planning and Advisory Committee (FFPAC) recommendations on Sanitary Product Accessibility in Restrooms were supported.
  • The Faculty Facilities Planning and Advisory Committee (FFPAC) recommendations on Active Learning Spaces were supported.
  • The Reach Higher Together 2025 (RH2025) Update was presented and a request for endorsement reviewed. ECS supported the RH2025 Request for Endorsement to be put on the agenda for UAS deliberation and action at the October 1, UAS meeting. The main RH2025 website is here:  The specific points of the plan are found here: I invite you to review the three dropdown menus at the bottom of that page that have specific language for the plan's focus on the three strategies of Empowered Educational Experience, Lifelong Learning, and Educational Equity.  
More information and details on the actions taken by ECS can be found here.
Please, feel free to reach out to your ECS or UAS representative from your College/University Libraries in order to provide input on any UAS agenda item that you may like to weigh in on.
Thank you for your continuous interest in faculty governance.
Felix N. Ngassa
Chair of ECS/UAS 2021-2022

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