Gayatri Festival Costa Rica & Online Events
Gayatri Festival Costa Rica & Online Events
Namaste friends - Love from Costa Rica.
The rainy season has begun here and already the jungle is soaking up the 'rain of blessings'.

There's nothing quite like the Costa Rican storms. Deva and I have been to many countries and experienced many incredible rainstorms, snowstorms and even earthquakes, (one which in Bulgaria shook us out of bed!). However, there is nothing that compares to the magnificence of the lightning storms or the deep heavy rumbling and fearful, ferocious clashes of Costa Rican thunder.
And I love it.

Deva and I lived through the monsoon in India and we have special memories of those warm, rainy, romantic days when we were first getting to know each other. 
Since then, stormy weather always brings a tinge of nostalgia for my time in
Mother India.

This month has brought us some great new music, made by beloved friends who continue to be creative through the lockdown.

Down in Australia, my soul brother Amir Paiss has released a great single from his upcoming album called "I am that I am".

No need for me to recommend this beautiful music - watch the video and bring your kleenex. Featured on the album are members of our great Temple Band (Joby Baker, Spencer Cozens and Miles Bould - and Manose!), who recorded with Amir while on our 2019 Australian tour.

In Germany, another soul brother, Rainer Scheurenbrand - who some of you will remember for his musical contributions on guitar and mandolin, from our world tour back in 2008.
Since those days, Rainer has become an accomplished Ayahuascero, creating the most ethereal songs for ceremonies and sacred gatherings. His music will brighten up your day and transport you to the wonder-filled jungles of South America.
Find his new album "De Mi Selva" on Spotify and all channels.

And then there is our beloved Manose, who in his alias as the Cosmic Cowboy, unleashed onto the world his outrageous video clip "You Gotta Move". 
Click here to see it and hold on to your hat, folks!

As for Deva and I, well, we continue to enjoy our time here in Blue Spirit, singing, playing music and just being together...watching the seasons turn.

I have to say though, it's not all music. There is a mountain of emails and messages to attend to and refining the content of the Gayatri Sangha App.
(Btw - thank you for writing to us - we always love to hear from you and we treasure your feedback - sometimes it just takes a while to respond, but I promise we do our best.)

On a sad note, our little Kiskadee neighbours, who nested in the tree in front of our deck have abandoned their nest with no chicks to celebrate their union.
Hopefully next year Mother Nature will be more kind to them.

Now, the nest sits forlorn in the tree, totally flattened - by mother - I guess, to stop other birds from entering...or maybe Deva and I were witness to a sacred burial ritual as the parents closed the nest.
...whatever it was, they have flown away, back into the jungle and we can only hope they will be back next year. We sang the Gayatri and the animal mantra (Om Pashupatayei Namaha) for them - maybe you will, too.

Deva has been in a super creative flow these days and has some new compositions to share, some of which you will have heard during our weekly 'OMline' meditations.
And my time has been taken up with working long distance with Joby on the tracks for the 'Jungle Sessions', which are taking shape and coming along just fine.

Soon we will welcome beloved Manose and participants for our Gayatri Gathering down here in Blue Spirit (June 5-12). If you are waiting for clarity on Covid restrictions, we can tell you that Blue Spirit is very comprehensive around complying with Costa Rica's guidelines.
The Gayatri Gatherings are food for the soul and, knowing how thirsty we are for community, these times together are precious. There are still a few places available, but space is limited due to 'safe spacing.'

Meanwhile, we continue to meet every week in the Gayatri Sangha App and congregate for our regular Chai Time sessions and various live online teachings. This week we welcome beloved Guru Singh who will be joining us for an online session called "We are the future".

If you haven't caught up with Deva's recent Chai Time when she shared the music that has inspired her for the first 3 decades of her life, check it out in Deva's room on the app!

Our prayer is to join together, to rise above all physical barriers and to sing our way to freedom.
The inner freedom that we all hold within our hearts.

Never give up.
With love and all blessings,

gayatri sangha app news

Gayatri Sangha App
Silent Space With You

Having meditated communally for many years in Osho's Ashram, we came to experience the profound depth of stillness that transpires when accompanied by a community of like-mided souls.

'Silent Space With You' is a new concept for the Gayaytri App where we have created a place to drop in with the intention of meditating together with other beloveds in the app.
It is not a chat room.
It is simply a safe and silent space.
To be able to experience others, energetically and in real-time, sitting in meditation with you will provide inspiration for your own practice.

Looking forward to simply BEING together. 

Find 'Silent Space With You' in 'The Meditation Room' (Gayatri Sangha App) from Sunday May 2.
Explore the Gayatri Sandha App

The Gayatri GATHERING  

~Blue Spirit~

JUNE 5-12

blue spirit retreat
June 5-12, 2021
Dec 25–Jan 1, 2022
March 19-26, 2022
Friends – the Gayatri Mantra is a prayer to the sun, and in this spirit, four years ago, we created the Gayatri Gathering – a celebration of Light – shining within us and throughout our Gayatri Sangha.

Days will include our ecstatic chant sessions, free time to luxuriate on the beautiful beaches, enjoy the waves, re-charge our energy cells, meet new friends and in these troubled times, re-connect to our life’s true purpose.

In the evenings we will gather again for a celebration of sound, silence, mantra and meditation. Sharing our stories, in this healing environment, we experience the precious rejuvenation of the spirit.

So – bring your laughter, bring your tears, your busy lives, your careers, and bring the pain you’ve carried for years. All Is Welcome Here!
Info & Registration


Gayatri Sangha
Since we launched our "OMline Ashram" the community has grown with so many unique and interesting fellow travellers. If you haven't joined us yet, check it out. We look forward to welcoming you.

Even though physically separate, the music, mantras, and meditation bring us into an intimate experience with so many across the world.

Every 3rd Saturday of the month, our weekly meditation is live on Facebook, Youtube, & Instagram for the Global Days of Unity (next one: May 15th).



Thursday April 29th - Teacher Feature with Guru Singh: We are the Future
Saturday May 1 - Om/Gayatri Meditation with Deva and Miten 
Friday May 7 - Ecstatic Dance with Manose 
Saturday May 8 - Om/Gayatri Meditation with Deva and Miten
Tuesday May 11 - Chai Time with Deva 
Saturday May 15 - Gayatri Mantra Japa (Global Days of Unity) with Deva and Miten
Friday May 21 - Joy Center Activation with Manose 
Saturday May 22 - Om/Gayatri Meditation with Deva and Miten
Sunday May 23 - Hang Out with Miten 
Wednesday May 26 - Community Sharing and Exercises with Makenna 
Saturday May 29 - Om/Gayatri Meditation with Deva and Miten
Online Events Schedule

What participants are saying about the Gayatri Sangha:

"A year ago, I felt lonely most of the time. Now I feel ‘all one’ most of the time. Thanks to you, the Sangha, and the mantras. The connection is there. Firmly, loyal, without a question. Around the world. All ages, all gender, all colours. A true gift!"

“I found out about this community yesterday and joined now. It seems like what I always have waited for, this whole thing dedicated just for our connection, community, mantras and celebration..!
I've been searching for the like-minded (like-hearted) people for many years, still hope to find more of You nearby. You have magic! All who realizes it.”

The app is free for those financially challenged. Feel free to fill out this form if you would like a gifted subscription. 

If you can afford it, the cost is $7.99 USD per month.
Gayatri Sangha App

Pura Vida - Pure life

Incredible OM sign created by beach artist and beloved friend,
Rachel Shiamh in the spirit of Deva's father's art - check out the scale!

Deva and the peacock - we visited our friends Gunni and Gonça up in the hills above Nosara and enjoyed great food and a fun time. Gunni filmed Deva's video clip of Keshava Madhava ... and has taken some great photos of us both over the years and Gonça is a great clothes designer. (Bazzar Nosara)
This is a delicious vegan cashew cheese log - along with some super beetroot and seed crackers was made by our new friend, Mia, who is showering the community with her delicious home-cooked food.
Deva has been inspired since receiving this great weighted keyboard, loaned to her by our beloved Tantra Mantra/Grateful Bears brother, Doug Bratt. Thanks Doug!
We took delivery in April of this stunning Gayatri Devi, donated by our soul brother from down under, known to his friends as Baba. 
Miten on our morning walk under a king tree on the path to the beach.
We love our 'chai times' with the Gayatri Sangha. Sharing some quality time with music, stories and teachings. Always a joyful moment between friends.
Long distance shot of sunset over the Blue Spirit.
Deva Premal Essential Collection

deva premal  

the essential collection


Enjoy an afternoon of Deva's music and
sink into the landscape of mantras and meditations.

Deva celebrates 22-years of creating beautiful music with the release of The Essential Collection, a three-disc compilation, lovingly and expertly curated by Miten. This enchanting compilation spans Deva’s entire recording life, from her debut solo album The Essence, released in 1998, all the way through to her 2020 Grammy-nominated album DEVA.
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mantra beads

Mantra Beads

Mystic goldsmith Ami Ben-Hur creates mantra beads, made from organic gold, especially infused with the energies of the mantras.
Wear them for blessings and prayers.
Find Your Mantra Bead
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