Also: STEM internships; Peace Corps for Introverts; Public Radio Q&A
Also: STEM internships; Peace Corps for Introverts; Public Radio Q&A
How to get a job and/or become a game show contestant...
Ever dream of competing on a game show? Read how CES career advisor Rebecca Pettitt's experience with becoming a game show contestant (while dressed like a pink cupcake!) was a lot like going through a job search.
Game show/Job search
Survey says?
 Keeping with the game show theme (Family Feud), CES is compiling a list of the top programming and resources that students want to see this fall. Buzz in and reply!
Survey says...
Wait wait... Don't tell me!*
Are you a public radio fan? Ian Fox '14 is a radio journalism professional currently serving as project manager for PRX in Boston, MA. Ian has also spent time in event production and writing for NPR, Minnesota Public Radio, and the Pew Charitable Trusts. Ian joins us for career Q&A on Wednesday, July 29 at 3 p.m. PDT!
*As far as we know, Ian has no connection with the popular NPR quiz show, "Wait wait... Don't tell me!" But we couldn't resist the reference. :-)
Public Radio Q&A
"I'll take Peace Corps for Introverts for $200, Alex!"
Alex Trebek: Scheduled for Tuesday, July 28 at Noon PDT, a panel of introverts will share the challenging, rewarding and inspirational moments of their Peace Corps experience via this online career portal.
You: What is Handshake?
(Ding ding ding!) Alex: That is correct!
Peace Corps for Introverts
Sc_ent_f_c   Fellowsh_ps   &   _nternsh_ps   w_th   OR_SE
 Here's a puzzle worth solving for STEM students! Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) is hosting a recruitment fair to highlight the variety of paid internships, fellowships, and research associate appointments available: Wednesday, July 29, 9 a.m.- Noon PDT
STEM Recruiting
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