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APRIL 27TH, 2020
Join us for UACS Virtual Enrichment Programming!

Dear UACS families,

We are kicking off Week 2 of our UACS Virtual Enrichment Programming and we want to see YOU! Please join us for sessions by checking out the site-based schedules below. We look forward to connecting with you!

Wishing you good health,

The Netter Center

Join our UACS Virtual Enrichment Sessions!

Look for your UACS school listed below to view your virtual program schedule!
Not sure how to use Google Meet? Click here for a short tutorial!
Click here to view the virtual program schedule for Comegys
Click here to view the virtual program schedule for Lea
Click here to view the virtual program schedule for Mitchell & Hamilton
Click here to view the virtual program schedule for West Philadelphia High School
Click here to view the virtual program schedule for Sayre High School
Sharing What We Know Best: FUN & Enriching Activities!

Fun with Falcons!

Ft. Ms. Zooey
If you missed Fun Falconry Friday last week, don't worry! You can catch up on what you missed by following along through Ms. Zooey's presentation here. Learn more about all animals through fun games and quizzes by visiting National Geographic Kids!

Kindness is Key!

Ft. Mr. Malik
In these uncertain times we must remember to practice compassion and kindness to ourselves and others. As such, I compel you guys to say at least one kind thing, and do one kind deed for yourself, or someone else, over the next seven days. Remember, acts of kindness serve the giver as well as the receiver.

Dare to Dream!

Ft. GearUP
Do you dream about your future college or career? Create your very own vision board to put those dreams to paper!  1) Find a piece of paper or poster board and something to write with. 2) Start to draw what you imagine your ideal college or ideal job will look like. For colleges, this could include campus buildings, school logo, sporting events, etc. For careers, imagine yourself working at your dream job!
Additional Notes: You can cut out images from magazines to add to your board. If you don't have posterboard or other materials at home, use a website like Pinterest to make a virtual vision board! Once complete, make sure to put your vision board in a place that will inspire you to work towards your goals!

Learn How to Invest!

Ft. Hadriana Lowenkron
Continue building your financial literacy by checking out Hadriana’s infographic on investment options. She made this infographic so she could share what she learned from her Financial Literacy class at Penn. Click here to view the full image! 

City-Wide Updates

The City’s Business Activity and Stay at Home order remains in effect until further notice. Click below to view the City’s information and resources for workers impacted by COVID-19!

Click for: City Updates

Penn Updates

As of April 13th, Penn announced that all summer courses and in-person programs must be delivered remotely or online.Click below for more details!

Click for: Penn Updates

School District of Philadelphia Updates

The District will remain physically closed for the rest of the school year due to COVID-19. However, while school buildings are closed, learning can and will continue for students. Click below for more details!

Click for: SDP Updates

Academic Resource Links:

Find community services to support your family, such as help with food, utilities, transportation and more!
Need help signing up for public health insurance? Click here for multi-lingual support from Public Citizens for Children and Youth
Summer Program Updates
Attention current 6th-12th graders!  Get ready for paid summer program opportunities!  Check-out this WorkReady flyer for information about how to start the online application process and for a list of required documents! 

For any questions about our paid summer opportunities, reach out to the appropriate contact listed below:
For the Middle School Career Exposure Program:
Candace Eaton | 267-607-3190 | eatonc@sas.upenn.edu
For the High School Leaders of Change Program:
Joseph Brand | 215-253-3639 | jbrand@sas.upenn.edu
Recommendations of the week!
  • Faustine recommends the "Science Vs" podcast, Coronavirus series - to answer the questions on our minds: Is it airborne? Should I disinfect everything? When will it end?
  • Paige recommends joining the Sesame Street cast in their Youtube series on mindfulness!
  • Anna recommends the free 1SE app that lets you upload a 1 second video clip or picture everyday, then compiles them into a growing montage of your year.
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