February • 2 • 2016
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TeamHOSA is an e-Guide filled with activities, chapter ideas, helpful hints, and valuable tools that will set you up to facilitate the best possible HOSA experience this year. 
Rock Your HOSA's Social Media Effort
We all know social media is a powerful tool. However, knowing just how to tap into that power isn't as obvious. These 5 tips will help your chapter establish a strong and effective presence online.
Focus On What Matters
Add value (and fun) to your HOSA chapter:
Whether your chapter is seventy or seven members strong, community service projects can be daunting to get off the ground. Temptation to "go big or go home" can lead to stopping a valuable project before you even begin. Remember that even small, seemingly insignificant acts of service and kindness create momentum in your program.
7 HOSA Ways to be Productive

HOSA officers get one shot (one school-year) to make a significant impact and improve upon the legacy of their HOSA chapter or state. Yet, too often team dynamics (aka drama) creep in and hinder progress. If teams strive to achieve these seven characteristics early and often, they’ll overcome friction and produce positive result.
HOSA Scholarship Opportunities
HOSA Scholarship Application is now available!  Applying is EASY.  Go to hosa.org/scholarships to learn how create your STEM Premier profile and apply today!
TED Talk - How Young Blood Might Reverse Aging. Yes, really.
Tony Wyss-Coray studies the impact of aging on the human body and brain. In this eye-opening talk, he shares new research from his Stanford lab and other teams which shows that a solution for some of the less great aspects of old age might actually lie within us all.
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