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November 19, 2020
The punk classic on four complete records (two CDs) under one banner, remastered,
 with new liners by Richard Hell outlining the Destiny Street saga.
Coming from Omnivore Recordings on January 22, 2021
“I’ve finally taken it all the way, and at this late date the album now moves me. I can feel it rather than just feel frustration about it. The emotions in it are largely fear and desperation and longing, but that’s life, and can even have some kind of majesty.”  —Richard Hell
Richard Hell 
(Photo by Roberta Bayley)
NEW YORK, N.Y. — Destiny Street was the follow-up album to one of the greatest punk albums of all time, 1977’s Blank Generation. The album was originally recorded in 1981 and released in 1982, but not to Richard Hell’s satisfaction. As he says in his new liner notes to Destiny Street Remixed, “The final mix was a morass of trebly multi-guitar blare.”
Now, for the 40th anniversary of its creation, the album is at last presented improved the way Richard Hell has long hoped and intended: “The sound of a little combo playing real gone rock and roll.”
The resultant Destiny Street Complete, due out via 2-CD set and Digital, is set for January 22, 2021 release on Omnivore Recordings. Omnivore will also release a vinyl version of the new Destiny Street Remixed set for the same date.
Richard Hell co-founded his first band, the Neon Boys, with Tom Verlaine in 1973. That band became Television. When Hell left Television in 1975, he formed, with Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan, both formerly of the New York Dolls, the Heartbreakers. After another year, Richard departed the Heartbreakers and created Richard Hell & the Voidoids, which, along with other CBGB bands of the era, such as the Ramones and Patti Smith, formed the template for punk, the effects of which are still being felt.
Apart from Hell on vocals and bass, the original Voidoids comprised Robert Quine (guitar), Ivan Julian (guitar), and Marc Bell (drums). The Destiny Street-era band retained Quine, but otherwise the backing lineup became Naux (Juan Maciel) on guitar and Fred Maher on drums.
Richard had wished forever that he could remix the original Destiny Street, but was told by the record company that the original 24-track masters had been lost. In the early 2000s, Hell discovered a cassette from 1981 that contained just the album’s rhythm tracks (drums, bass and two rhythm guitars) and he realized he could add new guitar solos and vocals to that to obtain a cleaner, improved version of the songs. He enlisted Marc Ribot, Bill Frisell, and Ivan Julian to overdub the solos (Quine had died in 2004 and Naux in 2009) and he re-sang everything. This was released as Destiny Street Repaired in 2009. Hell was pleased.
Then, in 2019, three of the four original 24-track masters were discovered. Now, at long last, Destiny Street could be fully remixed, and Hell signed on Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) to help him with that. The result became the uncanny centerpiece of the 2-CD Destiny Street Complete extravaganza to be released in January of 2021. Destiny Street Remixed will also be available as a stand-alone vinyl LP.
Besides containing the three faithful versions of the album, the 40th anniversary 2-CD deluxe edition of Destiny Street includes not only Hell’s detailed liner notes, but a fourth LP’s worth of demos and prior studio versions of the album’s material — essentially all of Richard’s songwriting output recorded between the release of Blank Generation in 1977 and the recording of Destiny Street in 1981 — including some of the best playing and singing in the four-part Complete — called Destiny Street Demos.
And for Record Store Day 2021, Omnivore Recordings will proudly offer this special material on its own stand-alone vinyl LP.
Significantly, all the material in this entire collection has been freshly remastered (or in the case of the Remixed, mastered) for these releases by Michael Graves at Osiris Studios.
According to Hell: "I’ve been working on this release for 40 years. Long road! Three different versions of the same ten songs, from the same basic tracks by the same four musicians. I couldn’t help myself, and I’m glad, god damn it. But really, each of the four parts (including the collection of demos) has its points of interest and then the whole is greater than the parts, for my money. It was a good trip, with lots of roadside attractions, but I’m happy to have reached the destination.”
Track Listing:
Destiny Street (1982)
1. The Kid With The Replaceable Head (Destiny Street - 2021 Remaster)
2. I Gotta Move (Destiny Street - 2021 Remaster)
3. Going Going Gone (Destiny Street - 2021 Remaster)
4. Lowest Common Dominator (Destiny Street - 2021 Remaster)
5. Downtown At Dawn (Destiny Street - 2021 Remaster)
6. Time (Destiny Street - 2021 Remaster)
7. I Can Only Give You Everything (Destiny Street - 2021 Remaster)
8. Ignore That Door (Destiny Street - 2021 Remaster)
9. Staring In Her Eyes (Destiny Street - 2021 Remaster)
Destiny Street Repaired (2009)
10. Destiny Street (Destiny Street Repaired - 2021 Remaster)
11. The Kid With The Replaceable Head (Destiny Street Repaired - 2021 Remaster)
12. I Gotta Move (Destiny Street Repaired - 2021 Remaster)
13. Going Going Gone (Destiny Street Repaired - 2021 Remaster)
14. Lowest Common Dominator (Destiny Street Repaired - 2021 Remaster)
15. Downtown At Dawn (Destiny Street Repaired - 2021 Remaster)
16. Time (Destiny Street Repaired - 2021 Remaster)
17. I Can Only Give You Everything (Destiny Street Repaired - 2021 Remaster)
18. Ignore That Door (Destiny Street Repaired - 2021 Remaster)
19. Staring In Her Eyes (Destiny Street Repaired - 2021 Remaster)
20. Destiny Street (Destiny Street Repaired - 2021 Remaster)
Destiny Street Remixed (2021)
1. The Kid With The Replaceable Head (Destiny Street Remixed)
2. I Gotta Move (Destiny Street Remixed)
3. Going Going Gone (Destiny Street Remixed)
4. Lowest Common Dominator (Destiny Street Remixed)
5. Downtown At Dawn (Destiny Street Remixed)
6. Time (Destiny Street Remixed)
7. I Can Only Give You Everything (Destiny Street Remixed)
8. Ignore That Door (Destiny Street Remixed)
9. Staring In Her Eyes (Destiny Street Remixed)
10. Destiny Street(Destiny Street Remixed)
11. Don’t Die (Destiny Street Remixed)

Destiny Street Demos (1978-1980)
12. The Kid With The Replaceable Head (Destiny Street Demos - 2021 Remaster) [Single Version]
13. I’m Your Man (Destiny Street Demos - 2021 Remaster) [Single Version]
14. Crack Of Dawn (Destiny Street Demos - 2021 Remaster)
15. Going Going Gone (Destiny Street Demos - 2021 Remaster)
16. Funhunt (Destiny Street Demos - 2021 Remaster)
17. I Lived My Life (Destiny Street Demos - 2021 Remaster)
18. Ignore That Door (Destiny Street Demos - 2021 Remaster)
19. Smitten (Destiny Street Demos - 2021 Remaster)
20. Staring In Her Eyes (Destiny Street Demos - 2021 Remaster)
21. Time (Destiny Street Demos - 2021 Remaster) (Single Version)
22. Don’t Die (Destiny Street Demos - 2021 Remaster) (Single Version)
23. Time (Destiny Street Demos) (Live) [Bonus Track]

Omnivore will offer a very limited supply of clear vinyl editions exclusively at omnivorerecordings.com while supplies last.

Pre-Sale links:

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For more information regarding Omnivore Recordings, please contact Conqueroo:
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