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Be Careful Little Mouth

Recently I've been thinking about the ways we treat one another. As more events go back on the calendar, we have more opportunities to interact. Hopefully among Christians our interactions are positive and uplifting. But what if they're not?
I am convinced that a major source of hurt and division among believers is not our disagreements themselves, but how we voice them. Some seem to think it's acceptable to criticize, slander, and belittle others to make a point. Sisters, this is wrong.
James could not be plainer: "Do not speak against one another" (James 4:11). Next time you're tempted to speak ill of someone, don't. If you've hurt someone with your words, apologize. Take a long look at passages like Ephesians 4 and consider how to speak only in ways that reflect Christ. That's how we build one another up in love.
In Christ,
Melissa McFerrin
Coordinator of Women's Continuing Education

Finding Your Window

In this article with the intriguing title, Kaitlyn Richardson gets personal. There is only so much hurt a person can handle. Learn about your "window of tolerance" and caring for yourself so you can care for others.
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November Scripture Writing Plan

Don't forget to make God your priority this month, and every month, by committing at least 10 minutes a day to meditate and reflect on God's Word. A great way to do this is by using a scripture writing plan. The Ruffled Mango produces great plans every month to focus our attention on God's Word. Take a look at this month's plan by clicking below.
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Class from the Past

We are in the final weeks of our fall ladies' class. It has been excellent! Once this class has concluded, we hope to add it, with its videos, handouts, and PowerPoints, to our online learning platform, Teachable. Teachable is available at no cost to you and allows you to access past classes in one location. Classes will also remain available in Radiant's Facebook group. We hope they are great resources for years to come!
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Upcoming Events

December 4: Ladies' Summit at Petersville Church of Christ in Florence, AL. Topic is "Embedded in Grace," and speakers are Cayron Mann and Lori Eastep. To register or see their contact information, click here.
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