61st World Service Conference meeting virtually April 12-16
61st World Service Conference meeting virtually April 12-16
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Stock Up Professionals with Al‑Anon Materials

Professionals are still meeting with clients who could benefit from Al‑Anon recovery. Do you have any public outreach pamphlets, bookmarks, or Al‑Anon Faces Alcoholism (AFA) magazines lying around? Donate them to local counselors, institutions, libraries, senior centers, community centers, or anywhere people go for help, growth, or social interaction. That one piece sitting in your house or in the group literature box just might save a life—all you need to do is let it go.

It’s Time for the 2021 World Service Conference!

The 61st World Service Conference (WSC) will take place virtually/electronically the week of April 12, 2021.
Each year, following the WSC, the World Service Office compiles a World Service Conference Summary (P‑46) that provides a full report of the proceedings. The 2021 Summary will be posted to the Al‑Anon website in July. Meanwhile, consider reading about what has occurred at past WSCs.
Check out past WSC Summaries

Making Room for a Better Tomorrow

The Just for Tonight Bookmark (M‑81) offers thoughtful reflections on Al‑Anon principles to help prepare for a peaceful, restful night. It serves as a perfect companion piece to Al‑Anon’s classic Just for Today Bookmark (M‑12).
Just for tonight, . . . I will look forward to awakening to the new day, feeling rested and ready to follow my Higher Power’s guidance.” From the Just for Tonight Bookmark (M‑81)
Now available from your local Literature Distribution Center or order online.
Order online

Alcohol Awareness Month Is for Al‑Anon Too!

April is designated as Alcohol Awareness Month in the US. While much of the focus is on the effects of alcohol on the drinker, many are unaware of the effects on the families and friends. This is an opportunity for Al‑Anon members to generate awareness of the adverse effects on the families and the support that can be found in Al‑Anon and Alateen meetings. One way members can do this is by sharing the World Service Office’s (WSO’s) social media content.
When sharing the WSO’s social media posts during April, please include #AlcoholAwarenessMonth, #AlAnon, and #Alateen.
Please remember to protect your anonymity on social media by not making comments or using screen names that would reveal your Al‑Anon membership.
 Al-Anon Get Connected
Alateen Get Connected

New Topic for the Member Blog

April’s topic is, “What Al‑Anon tools help me deal with a loved one’s relapse?”
Now, you can also write about Al‑Anon’s three Legacies. This month features Step Four, Tradition Four, and Concept Four.
Sharings on the Member Blog may be used in future Al‑Anon publications. 
New topics are being added each month!
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