Two New Faculty Members Expand
Department's International Profile

As students read about China's turbulent economy or about Russia flexing political muscle, two new professors in the Department of Political Science can provide them with context about what's happening. The two recently added faculty members expand the breadth of Notre Dame's international research and scholarship in political science. Read More

Notre Dame Washington Program
Kickstarts Political and Policy Careers

Through the Washington Program, a semester-long immersion into politics, Notre Dame students head to Washington, D.C., for coursework and visits with policymakers, journalists, and leaders in governmental and non-governmental offices. They also complete internships at the White House, congressional offices, major media outlets, and nonprofits. Read More

Political Science Ph.D. Wins National
Public Policy Dissertation Award

Michael Hartney, who earned his Ph.D. at Notre Dame in 2014, has won the American Political Science Association's Harold D. Lasswell Award for best public policy dissertation. Now an assistant professor at Lake Forest College, his research focuses on how politics shape economic opportunity. Read More

Undergraduate Uses International Experiences to Drive Research

From Latvia to Chile, international experiences have become part of daily life for senior political science major Abby Davis. She has focused her studies on global migration, the politics of language, and international relations—a topic she is exploring further in a senior thesis examining Russia's motivations for annexing Crimea. Read More
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