Dear CC Community,

Today we want to update you on the progress made so far with Project 2024 discussions and invite you to get involved.

Project 2024 is our three-year, vision-to-action effort in which we focus on a central question: “How can we do what we do better?”

The timeline:
2021-22: This is our year to determine what we hope to do.
2022-23: We will take the ideas generated and plan how we will implement them.
2023-24: The ideas will go into action — and in 2024 we will celebrate the college’s 150th anniversary.

We just launched new Project 2024 webpages that provide a central place for you to find important information about this endeavor, including:
  • The process
  • Numbers of people engaged in the work
  • Steering committee members
  • Suggested readings
The work so far has been inspiring. Since Block 4, randomly selected staff and faculty groups – 220 people at this point – have been discussing the “what ifs,” and developing and refining ideas. Staff, faculty, and students serving on the Project 2024 Steering Committee lead the conversations and identify major themes. Some of their comments:

“Participants didn’t need any encouragement to jump into their small group conversations. Enthusiastic and respectful.”
“They had so many ideas and were super engaged.”
“Lots of ideas, lots of things to bring together to get to themes as we go.”

The Faculty Executive Committee, Staff Council, Cabinet, and other established groups were involved in discussing the process and will have a chance to engage in the discussion ​this spring. We also will work on ways to draw trustees, alumni, and parents into the process. ​Sessions for faculty and staff will continue through the end of Block 6. If you have not been invited to a session yet, you can contact Lyrae Williams,, to find out when your randomly assigned session will be.

Student engagement begins this block
Starting this block, students will participate in Project 2024 in the following groups:
  • Seniors and juniors: Two Block 5 sessions (one lunch and one dinner) open on a first-come, first-served basis, limited to 30 students each. Registration required.
  • Sophomores and first years: Two Block 6 sessions (one lunch and one dinner) open on a first-come, first-served basis, limited to 30 students each. Registration is required. Invitations will be sent at the end of Block 5.
  • President’s Council
  • RAs
In Blocks 7-8 the Project 2024 Steering Committee members will exchange information about what they’ve heard and report the larger themes to the campus community. This first year will conclude with a plan for how we will translate key ideas into actions in 2022-23.

If you have questions about Project 2024, contact Lyrae Williams at

We are energized by the ideas and themes already bubbling up and look forward to hearing from more CC community members!


Susan Ashley

Professor of History and Chair of Economics and Business
Project 2024 Coordinator

L. Song Richardson

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