Don't just visit, experience! J.MAK's DMC partners will help you and your clients truly understand the countries they're visiting, whether it be Morocco, Greece, Colombia, Dubai, Israel, Italy, Croatia, Central America, or India. Let's go explore in 2023!
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With Alizès Private, guests can take custom-crafted Instagram Expeditions, an immersive experience guests will never forget. They are outfitted in beautiful Moroccan dress and guided to some of the best sites in Marrakech, into the desert or elsewhere in Morocco, with a professional photographer to capture the experience. Some experiences include an evening in the desert with a series of private performances and dinner under a Sultan tent; a curator-led tour of Yves Saint Laurant's home and Majorelle Garden; or a hot air balloon experience with seated, Michelin-starred breakfast, live saxophonist and drone photographs capturing it all.
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Go on an Aegean Sea Safari on a Goldfish43| yacht to Paros, Milos & Kimolos with Original Senses Greece.

Sail the crystalline seas from Paros to the stunning Western Cyclades aboard your very own private speedboat. Cruise under the Aegean sun from the volcanic and dramatic landscapes of Kimolos, onwards to the uninhabited and naturally blessed Polyegos, with a final destination of the mesmerizing, white-washed beauty of Milos. 

Your captain will guide guests during this exploration of the dreamy coastal landscapes of these authentically Greek islands. Whether snorkeling in the turquoise Aegean waters, enjoying lunch at a charming tavern on the jewel-like Kimolos or exploring the photogenic landscape of incandescent white cliffs, underwater caves and the rocky tunnels surrounding Kleftiko cove, this will undeniably be an unforgettable Aegean sailing safari, curated exclusively for the guests.

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In Colombia, understand why flowers are so central to the culture and featured prominently in the movie Encanto as you visit the home of Leopoldina Grajalves, one of the pioneers of Medellín's famed Flower Festival, and catch a glimpse into the life of one of the most recognized "Paísas" in the country!

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Escape into the desert 45 minutes outside of Dubai with Arterlux.

Guests enjoy a day in the dunes, with buggy ride, and and a custom culinary experience in the desert under the stars created just for them.

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Explore the soul of Tel Aviv with Israel My Way. Its Tel Aviv Urban Culture Tour explores the city's art, culture, architecture, and history. Guests visit historic sites and modern buildings and discover a vibrant art scene and alternative spaces. The tour offers a fresh perspective on the city's past and present through a fun and engaging experience.

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Experience life and traditions of the Venetian islands with Imago Artis Travel on an amazing glass-blowing experience in Venice, crowned with a tour of the Murano, Burano and Torcello islands

This experience will bring travelers deeper into the Italian culture as they will witness and try firsthand the process of glassmaking, and listen to the Maestro passing down his centuries-old art to them. Plus, they will marvel at the unique and colorful landscape of the typical cottages as they visit the islands. 
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Bike through Hora fields with Journey2Croatia. Get to know a different side of Hvar. Enjoy our bike tour in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site, a remarkably well-preserved testament to the Ancient Greek period. Explore small villages in the inner part of the island. Immerse your senses in the delicious world of a unique Mediterranean environment. Let yourself be carried away by the delicious flavors of Dalmatian wines and food.

Ride through Stari Grad long promenade outlining the deep protected bay, passing by the Residence of the Renaissance poet Petar Hektorović, built in the 16th century. From Stari Grad we have numerous options where to go, so your day can be anything from 20-50 km. Passing through the middle part of the island is mild. Depending on the route you take, you will pass through several beautiful, traditional villages in the interior of the island. Our guides will decide about the route depending on the group's interests and their fitness level. We want to make sure that you will fully enjoy the day and adventure.

During our ride, we will visit the charming town of Jelsa for a sensory journey through the world of wine tasting. Lunch will be organized on a local farm or restaurant.

On our way back to Stari Grad, we will pass the Stari Grad Plain, also known as Hora or Ager. It is such an impressively preserved testament to the Ancient Greek period that it was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2008.

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The Travel Pioneers team is continually amazed by how clients are most impacted by experiences that bring together the country's magnificent national parks and the warmth and hospitality of the Costa Rican people. One of their favorite signature activities is an early morning hike followed by a gourmet picnic lunch beneath the Arenal Volcano in the central lowlands.

Visitors hike through Arenal Volcano National Park accompanied by a local naturalist guide who points out wildlife and interesting landmarks. The scenic trails wind through tropical rainforests to shimmering waterfalls, past ancient lava fields, and through open meadows of winding streams teaming with wildlife.
The hike culminates with a gourmet picnic overlooking the majestic volcano. Chef Arthuro Paniagua is a native of Costa Rica and lives in the region. His specialty is introducing visitors to Costa Rica’s bounty of fresh vegetables and fruits through traditional plates prepared tableside while diners enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
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A country with spectacular history, distinct landscapes, eclectic culture, plethora of customs and traditions, multiple languages and beliefs, and the sheer magnitude of diversity, is what defines India on a rough level. Be it any reason, you’ll be warmly received on the Indian shore with the principle of “Athithi Devo Bhava” – which means “The guest is treated like the God.”

But within its borders, it holds some special experiences. A historic sauntering in royal fleet of cars to sink into the stupendous architecture of Rajasthan. The languid beauty of lakes and hills in the tropical paradise of Kerala as you glide on a luxurious private houseboat. Aromatic fragrances of cuisines that are garnished with spices and recipes handed down through generations in an intimate cooking class. The air of spirituality and culture envelops you as you ride with local musicians on a boat over the Ganges River. Interacting with the women communities that let you into the world of Indian handicrafts as they take steps towards their financial freedom.

This is just the beginning of an adventure with Worldwide Adventures India (WWA). Join us to dive into the heritage, luxury, elegance, mystery, and the quintessential Indian hospitality that makes this country extraordinary. At WWA, we show you the India that is rare, raw and absolutely addictive.

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Experience India with Worldwide Adventures India, April 10-19.
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