Finelite Better Lighting
HP-2 WS Perimeter Slot
HP-2 WS Perimeter Slot
Offers a Clean, Crisp Aesthetic

watch the video below
HP-2 Perimeter Slot Video
  • Up to 12’ sections lengths minimize joint lines
  • Tailored for perfect fit or Field Adjustable based on project needs
  • Easy to install, pre or post ceiling
  • Pre-built and wired 90-degree corners save labor
  • Hardware included in fixture box – no hunting for parts on-site
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Tailored lengths for eact fit or telescoping sections adaptable for on-site dimensions
Tailored Lengths for Exact Fit with a Maximum 12' Section Length OR Telescoping Sections Adaptable for On-Site Dimensions
Factory Built Plug-Together 90º corners for easy installation
Factory Built Plug-Together 90º Corners for Easy Installation
Perfect Install for pre or post ceiling
Perfect for Pre and Post Ceiling Installation
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