Plus: We'll see your 'pandemic' and raise you a 'flu season.' Ugh.
Plus: We'll see your 'pandemic' and raise you a 'flu season.' Ugh.


And Here Comes Flu Season. Keep It Coming, 2020.
Does the thought of adding another potential health crisis to our already crazy-making global pandemic — oh hey, flu season — make you want to *run away screaming and crying*? If so, here's an idea: As part of our flu vaccine campaign on behalf of client Immunize Nevada, we're asking Nevadans to text "ProtectNV" now to 47177. You'll get periodic updates that will remind you to get your flu vaccine no later than Nevada Day. Experts say this year MORE THAN EVER, it's important to get a flu vaccine — to protect yourself, your loved ones and our community. We are rolling out the full Immunize Nevada flu vaccine campaign even as we type, so be on the lookout for these important messages designed to keep you healthy!
You: Digital Bad*ss
Us: Looking for You!  
Do you dream in metrics? Have the Google Keyword Planner bookmarked? Research social media and digital media trends for fun? Set up A/B tests for ads just because you can? If so, we might be your agency soulmate. We're looking for our next digital specialist, one with knowledge of Google and social media ads, SEO, web analytics and content marketing. Oh, and you should be able to enjoy totally random gifs and emojis, because that's our love language. If you are this person (or know someone who is), help an agency out? 
When You Laugh + Sob, Is That a 'Lob'? 
We're still nursing quite the pup hangover from yesterday's epic posts about #NationalDogDay — hair of the dog, indeed! So if you still find yourself craving even more doggo goodness (we can totally relate!), please watch this. As marketers, we're constantly looking for the best way to convey emotion in a short period of time — and here's this clip, which takes all of 22 seconds, yet it still manages to make you feel ALL THE FEELS. That's it, all of our future commercials are featuring an adorable boy getting his first puppy. 

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