Consolidated RFP Dates, Innovative Construction Techniques
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While Minnesota Housing just announced our 2020 funding selections and advancements in December, it’s already time for you to start thinking about and planning for the 2021 Multifamily Consolidated Request for Proposals and 2022 Housing Tax Credits Round 1! Please review the following information and important dates.
We have also included information about the Section 811 Project-based Rental Assistance (PRA) Program as well as the new selection preference for innovative construction techniques.
2021 Multifamily Consolidated Request for Proposals/2022 Housing Tax Credits
Round 1 Application Dates 
The expected dates for the 2021 Multifamily Consolidated Request for Proposals (RFP)/2022 Housing Tax Credit (HTC) Round 1 are listed below.
  • Thursday, February 11: Pre-application released for Innovative Construction Techniques
  • Mid-March: Early release of key Consolidated RFP application materials and Section 811 PRA pre-application
  • Wednesday, April 14 at noon: Pre-application for Innovative Construction Techniques due
  • Wednesday, April 14: Consolidated RFP published and Intent to Apply and application materials available in the Multifamily Customer Portal
  • Thursday, May 20 at noon: Intent to Apply deadline - required for all eligible Multifamily applications (date may change based on state legislative actions)
  • Thursday, May 20 at noon:  Section 811 PRA Program pre-application due
  • Thursday, June 10: Applicants will be notified of Section 811 PRA Program eligibility
  • Thursday, July 15 at noon: Multifamily application deadline including site control, qualification forms, and financials.
  • December: Minnesota Housing Board meeting
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Save the Date:
2021 Multifamily Consolidated RFP/2022 HTC Round 1 Kickoff Event
In preparation for the 2021 Consolidated RFP/2022 HTC Round 1, Minnesota Housing will host a virtual RFP and Technical Assistance Kickoff event on Wednesday, March 3. The event will include:
  • An opportunity to learn more about significant changes to scoring for the 2021 Consolidated RFP/2022 HTC Round 1 as well as a brief demonstration of the new scoring system;

  • Important architect updates including information on the new Innovative Construction Techniques preference and other changes to the new Minnesota Overlay for Green Communities;

  • Information on changes to the Tenant Selection Plan Guidelines effective for all 2021 Consolidated RFP/2022 HTC Round 1 selected projects; 

  • Other important program updates and guidance to help you prepare your Consolidated RFP application. 
You can participate in up to two breakout sessions in the afternoon in addition to the morning presentation. More information and registration will be available later this month or early February.
Section 811 Project-based Rental Assistance (PRA) Program
Section 811 PRA is a program of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The purpose of Section 811 PRA is to expand the supply of supportive housing that promotes and facilitates community integration for people with significant and long-term disabilities. In partnership with Minnesota Department of Human Services, Minnesota Housing was awarded funding for approximately 160 new units of PRA.
Section 811 PRA are anticipated to be available for units for people with disabilities through the 2021 Consolidated RFP. Applicants must submit an 811 pre-application to determine eligibility for the program prior to submitting a full Consolidated RFP application. Applicants will be notified about eligibility for the program prior to the application due date. More information about the program will be provided after the award agreement is finalized with HUD via eNews and can also be found on the Section 811 webpage.
Preference for Innovative Construction Techniques
New to this year's Multifamily Consolidated RFP, Minnesota Housing is offering a selection preference for projects that will use Innovative Construction Techniques (ICT). To be eligible for this selection preference, a pre-application is required for projects that will achieve or will pilot a technique to achieve one or both of the following goals: 
  • reduce total construction cost by at least 10%, and/or
  • reduce the time a project is under construction by at least 20%.
Please refer to the 2022-2023 Self-Scoring Worksheet for additional details on how the preference will be used to evaluate different project proposal types that apply in the Multifamily Consolidated RFP, and in accordance with the 2022-2023 Qualified Allocation Plan and the Consolidated RFP Application Instructions.
Tentative Schedule:
  • Thursday, February 11: ICT pre-application materials released
  • Wednesday, April 14 at noon: ICT pre-applications due 
  • Wednesday, May 12: Minnesota Housing will review pre-applications and inform applicants whether their proposed ICT is approved for the ICT preference no later than May 12. 
For questions about ICT, please contact Mike Thomas, Staff Architect at or 651.276.1170.
Innovative Construction Techniques Selection Preference Training Opportunity
As described in the above section, the 2021 Multifamily Consolidated RFP/2022 HTC Round 1 will include a Selection Preference for projects that include Innovative Construction Techniques that can demonstrate time and/or cost savings by using the techniques. One technique that may result in such savings is Offsite Construction.  
In late 2019, the Family Housing Fund and the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund supported the Construction Revolution Summit to provide developers, architects, engineers, contractors, lenders and community leaders with an introduction to Offsite Construction techniques. Now, these same organizations are teaming up to provide a more advanced and detailed course to help professionals to incorporate Offsite Construction into their affordable housing developments. The course is designed for participants to work on actual development projects that they are considering and is a learning opportunity for potential Multifamily Consolidated RFP applicants who are looking to use Offsite Construction and pursue the Innovative Construction Technique preference. Attendance is not required to qualify for the ICT preference in the Multifamily Consolidated RFP.
Click here for a detailed course description and application form
Applications are now being accepted for the first Innovation Cohort Offsite Accelerator course and the deadline for applications is January 15, with a reduced fee for applicants submitting by January 11. Smaller, emerging developers and companies led by women and/or Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), and individuals who identify as women and/or BIPOC are encouraged to apply to be a member of the cohort. The Construction Revolution Team is making available a limited number of sponsorships to reduce the participation fee. The first class-session will be on February 10, concluding with a multifamily workshop session on March 17.
Questions about the course? Please email
2022-2023 Housing Tax Credit Qualified Allocation Plan Approved by Board
The Minnesota Housing Board approved the 2022-2023 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) at the December 2020 board meeting. The final step is to gain the Governor’s expected approval in January. For final QAP materials and updates on the Governor’s approval, visit the Housing Tax Credits webpage
Thank you to our partners and the public for providing feedback and comments throughout the QAP development process. In the 2022-2023 QAP, we focused on serving communities most impacted by housing instability and housing disparities. We look forward to more opportunities to engage with you in the future, increasing access to affordable and deeply targeted rental housing, and finding creative ways to meet the housing needs in Minnesota communities. Continue to read our eNews and visit our website for updates and opportunities to engage with Minnesota Housing.  
Questions? Please contact Devon Pohlman at or 651.296.8255.
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