March 2, 2021
Weekly Member Memo
I am venting! I have had 2 solid weeks of email hell with emails NOT sending, or having an email send multiple times...sorry for everyone that is getting an onslaught of notes, and old out-of-office replies from me. Still working out the issue.  Extremely frustrating..but goes with the times. 

Tool Kit for Library Wines, WineLove, and Easter Barrels  download here

Cellars Closed/Libraries Open 

March 6-7, 2021 ~ 25 Wineries
Recent Press - Sonoma Magazine (print and online)

WineLove Weekend 

March 19-20-21, 2021 ~  43 Wineries
We have now sold 180 access/passes
Please let me know when you have sold out for any of the days. This is VERY important
I have updated the buyer's confirmation to say: Wineries may request your Credit Card # to hold your reservation, expect a charge if you are a no-show. Other wineries are asking for your Eventbrite confirmation number.
That text has also been added to the info on our website. I hope that helps -

Easter Egg Barrel Hung 

March 6 - April 11, 2021 ~  30 Wineries, 1 Lodging
I'd love a PHOTO of your barrel to add to our website and to use for social media. 

Barrel Tasting Week

May 24-30, 2021 ~ to be determined... 
Please complete this survey, as the Board of Directors meets next Wednesday, and will be making final plans for Barrel Tasting. The dates, prices, format, etc. We need your input.

Revised Wine Road Tasting Pass - due March 26

We will launch a digital ad campaign to promote our Wine Road Tasting Pass, starting April 1st. This will include digital ads, email blasts to SF Chron subscribers, and print ads along with our social media platforms and our consumer newsletter.
Let me know if you want to be added, removed, or change your offer. 
Wineries need to offer one of the following...
- 2 for 1 Tasting (2 people will be able to enjoy a tasting, and only pay 1 tasting fee).
- 10% off your wine purchase the day you are using your Tasting Pass.
- FREE shipping on a case of wine, the day you use your Tasting Pass.

I need to know by March 26, I will not update again for several months.

I don't have access to vaccines. 

Members keep reaching out, thinking I have some way to help them move to the front of the line. I passed along the Vintners link for production crews to register and Karissa's contact info for vineyard workers. That is the extent of my connections.
What I do know from being involved in multiple county-wide discussions with various industries and public health, is that every group believes they should be at the front of the line. Grocery workers, restaurant workers, hotel staff,  health care providers, teachers, elderly, disabled, vets...the list goes on. Everyone is important. No one is more important than another.
If you are able to get your vaccine, that's great. I would suggest you let your family and employer know, but that's it. No sense in fanning the flames to the folks that are not able to get theirs. People are angry when they are not in the same boat and don't have the same connections. 
We will all get there, let's get there and remain supportive of each other.
That is my .02 cents
Condolences to Molly, Lucas, and Kelly for the recent passing of Charlie Meeker. He was an outstanding winemaker who lived larger than life. Meeting Charlie when I first started working in the wine community and tasting in the teepee was a highlight!  Those of us at Wine Road are sorry for your loss.
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