This Week at Blakely
11/30 - 12/5

Dear Blakely Families,

I hope that you had a wonderful and rest-filled Thanksgiving holiday! It is hard to believe that we are entering into the last month of 2020-phew! What a roller coaster ride this year has been!

As we approach these three weeks before Winter Break, here are a few important details for you to be aware of:

  • In the upcoming weeks teachers will be using Fridays to help prepare for Hybrid reopening planning. This may involve your child accessing more asynchronous instruction than previously provided. Please be on the lookout for a communication from your child’s classroom teacher about their specific Friday schedule.
  • We will be administering our Fastbridge assessments this month in order to get a sense of each student’s current academic progress as well as ways that we can support their individual growth. We understand that this looks different with students accessing instruction remotely, but will still use this as one data point to help teachers inform their instruction. These assessments also help us to identify students that may benefit from additional support services such as Title/LAP reading. 
  • We are actively working on all areas of reopening planning in anticipation of our January 25th (preK-1st grade) and January 27th (2nd-4th grades) return for in-person instruction in the Hybrid Model. We are working through all aspects of a student day. Here is a glimpse into some of the planning currently underway:
    • All hallways have been marked with arrows to note traffic flow to allow for 6 foot distance between classes walking in the hallways.
    • Classrooms are being staged to allow for desks to be placed 6 feet apart, while still maintaining the overall feel of a warm classroom environment. We are creatively capturing space on the floor where we can place 6 foot markers for students to sit in order to work in a small group setting at a safe social distance. 
    • Shared areas will also have 6 foot markers placed on the floor as well, so that students can access this space in small groups from the same classroom (cohort) in order to still engage in fun and meaningful activities. 
    • We are creating schedules to allow for water and movement breaks in various locations around the school, allowing only one classroom (cohort) at at time in the same outdoor space. 
    • We have spent a great deal of time on our arrival and dismissal procedures. More to come on that, but just know that it is going to be a Blakely community wide effort to follow guidelines to allow for a safe and efficient drop off and pick-up traffic flow. 
    • We have designated 4 spots around the exterior of the school for our COVID screening and sign-in stations. In the coming weeks we will provide a detailed map and explanation of procedures related to the daily screening process for our staff and students. 

I will be sharing additional information in the coming weeks in order for all of us to feel prepared and have a shared understanding about what school will look like when we return for in-person learning. 

Enjoy the rest of your week,


A Call for Participation!

This month, when your student has art, Ms. Bonanno is sending home a small piece of paper with a bird/leaf/butterfly template. Each Blakely student will make one piece of art, unique and personalized by the artist (student), then pieces will be assembled to create one collaborative work of art to be on display at Blakey.

Here’s what to do (see video):
  1. Cut out a butterfly, leaf or bird
  2. Trace it onto the square paper
  3. Write a word that describes you
  4. Add color, patterns or other details
  5. Send it back in your folder on a Friday (Due by December 18th)
Thank you for your continued support of the arts at Blakely and in our community! 

Save the Date!

Wednesday, December 9th at Sakai
for picture make-ups and retakes. Pictures and proof pages will be available on Friday, December 4th at materials pick up.
If you MISSED photos: please come to Sakai between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm on December 9th and have your picture taken.
If you want RETAKES:  If you would like to retake your students picture, bring back your photo package with you to Sakai when have your student's photo retaken

Photo retakes will be at Sakai on Wednesday, December 9th between 2:00 - 5:00 pm. 


Given this school year's uniqueness,

we are adjusting our parameters when it comes to inclement weather and/or power outages and their impacts on the school day.
It’s important to note that because of the AM/PM Hybrid Schedule for in-person learning, we will NOT be utilizing one- or two-hour delays this year. 

In order to help families and staff facilitate planning, BISD will do its best to make the decision whether or not school will be in session as soon as possible. But as we’ve experienced in the past, Mother Nature can be unpredictable. Sometimes a decision cannot be made until the last minute.  

If there will be changes to the usual school day, we will communicate with you via our communication channels:
  • Email
  • Mass notification via phone
  • Text (to those who are enrolled in our text alerts
  • On the BISD website
  • Via social media
SNOW (with accumulation) During Continuous Learning (remote learning) and 100% Online Learning
  • It remains a typical day of Continuous Learning and 100% Online Learning
  • No in-person services for those students who access BISD sites; they will access their learning in a Continuous Learning environment
  • BISD Facilities closed for after school interscholastic activities and outside rentals and reservation
  • This will count as a school day and thus, BISD will not be required to make it up at the end of the school year
  • We will communicate with you via our usual channels
POWER OUTAGES - during Continuous Learning (remote learning) & 100% Online Learning
  • BISD will work with Puget Sound Energy to determine how wide-spread the power outage is; if it is determined that the power will not be restored to the majority of the island by 9:30 a.m., it will be a non-school day
  • BISD facilities closed
  • This will not count as a school day and BISD may be required to make-up the day at the end of the school year
  • We will communicate with you via our usual channels
POWER OUTAGES - during In-Person Learning
The decision will be made on a case by case basis and included in the decision will be whether or not Puget Sound Energy predicts the school will be without power for the majority of the day. A decision about the feasibility of transitioning to asynchronous learning for the day will be assessed. If not feasible due to a wide-spread lack of power, school may be canceled for the impacted building(s).
BISD would need to apply for a waiver to the state for the missed day(s); if the waiver is not granted, the impacted school(s) may be required to make-up the day(s) at the end of the school year
We will communicate with the impacted families and staff via our usual channelsDesign best-practices suggest a large font size for easy readability both on desktop and mobile devices.

4- Materials Pick Up and Drop Off 7:30am to 3:00pm. 
School pictures and proofs will be available to pick up this day.
9 - Picture Retakes at Sakai  2-5pm
11- Materials Pick Up and Drop Off 7:30am to 3:00pm.
21 - Winter Break Begins
(No School through Jan. 3)
Blakely Numbers:

Main Office
(206) 842-4752

Kyanne Hawkins
Office Manager 

Attendance Line
(206) 780-2046
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