Issue 297 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 297 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 297 September 9th, 2023

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The return of RadioShack?
Under its new management, RadioShack is doing pretty well.
Sound and Vision
FreeDV project update
Integrations with FreeDATA capable of sending data down to around -8dB on poor quality HF channels.
Ham Imports
A comprehensive catalog of low-cost radios coming out of China.
Ham Imports
ESP32 APRS tracker
A small form factor, feature rich APRS tracker, digipeater, igate, and modem.
RPC Electronics
Decoding space weather data for HF communication
Publicly available ionospheric data to help you operate on HF.
Long wave radio fans mourn fading frequencies
The band is basically almost dead.
Titanic: Government filed motion to block salvage of wireless telegraph
This important machine was used to transmit a distress call when the ship was sinking.
USB-C power for Ham Radio
Most HTs lack a modern USB-C port.


RTL SDR V4 with built-In HF upconverter
Vast improvements made over the V3, especially for HF reception.
Tech Minds
1 Watt POTA activation
1 Watt QRP SSB Challenge to test the N9SAB 40-6m off-center-fed dipole.
End the Ham Radio FCC symbol rate limit
The push to move from Symbol Rate to Bandwidth Rate limits for data.
Ham Radio Crash Course
Umbrella Antennas
Building a radio telescope from an umbrella and copper cloth.
Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers

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