UCSBGlobal goes live this Monday! Understand your requirements
UCSBGlobal goes live this Monday! Understand your requirements
Dear J-1 Exchange Visitors/Scholars,

RE: J-1 Exchange Visitor Functions in UCSBGlobal

On February 8, 2021, a new database for processing J-1 requests, called UCSBGlobal, will go live.
UCSBGlobal will provide a more user-friendly interface for J-1 Exchange Visitors, Department Administrators, and host Faculty Members to submit electronic requests to the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS).
We’re writing to inform you that UCSBGlobal will require J-1 Exchange Visitors to initiate certain requests that may have been previously initiated by Department Administrators. This represents a slight change in procedure compared to the previous database.
Specifically, UCSBGlobal will require that J-1 Exchange Visitors maintain responsibility for the following functions by initiating the request and submitting it to the host department for review:

  1. Extension requests
  2. Out of Country requests
  3. Off Campus Activity requests
  4. Transfer IN requests (after the Dept. Admin adds them to UCSBGlobal)
  5. Transfer OUT requests
  6. Travel Signature Requests
  7. Funding Source and Amount Updates
  8. Personal Information Updates:
  • Emergency Contact Updates
  • Local Address Updates
  • Insurance Coverage Updates
  • Passport and Visa Information Updates
As always, it remains essential that J-1 Exchange Visitors stay in close communication with host department administrators so that J-1 requests can be handled in a coordinated manner and all parties complete the required steps.
OISS is excited to launch UCSBGlobal and we are confident that you will recognize its advantages over the previous system.
Immigration processing questions can be directed to j1scholar@sa.ucsb.edu. Technical questions regarding the use of UCSBGlobal can be directed to UCSBGlobaladmin@sa.ucsb.edu.
Thank you for your cooperation and support.

J-1 Scholar Team 
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