Flu Vaccine Sign-Up, School Pictures, Soccer Seniors, Animals, and more
Flu Vaccine Sign-Up, School Pictures, Soccer Seniors, Animals, and more
September 30, 2020

Last Chance - Flu Vaccine

Request a vaccine for your child. As a convenience to our families, a representative from CVS will be on campus on Tuesday, October 6 to administer influenza vaccines to our students and employees. While SAS does not require an influenza vaccine, it is - especially this year - highly recommended. We have received 74 requests for vaccines so far. Questions? Contact Director of Health Clinic Melissa Gilliam.

Preparing for Colder Weather

Our students will continue to spend considerable amounts of time outdoors even as the temperature drops. Please be sure that your child has appropriate clothing for cold and wet weather, including gloves that allow them to write and or use a device outdoors.

Grade Level Programs

Tomorrow during J-Block, students will meet in their grade level groups for a variety of activities from preparing for the PSAT (11th grade) to enjoying S'mores (6th grade) and poetry (9th grade). Grade level Programming is an opportunity for students to develop stronger bonds with their graduating class while learning new skills and having fun.

Get Your School Pictures?

We hope you have received your child's school portraits either via email or packages that came home with your child. Please refer to the instructions on the envelope regarding payment to Strawbridge Studios if you choose to keep the photos. These photos will also be used in the school yearbook.

Unwanted photos should be returned to your child’s advisor or to yearbook advisor Chris Monahan by October 2. Any students interested in re-takes should return their photos. Re-takes and senior casual photos will be taken on October 21. 

Speaking of School Pictures...

Since the first day of school, we have uploaded more than 2,200 photos and videos to SmugMug, our school's media storage site. These photos are available to view and download for free. SmugMug also provides print options. Questions? Contact Director of Communication & Marketing Sherri Bergman.

College & Career Planning

Juniors are beginning the intensive college counseling season with required virtual workshops in addition to twice monthly meetings. On Thursday, October 1, at 7:30 p.m. Director of College Counseling Dan Monahan will moderate a panel discussion on the college admission process with professionals from Davidson College, Loyola University (New Orleans), and the University of Tennessee. Thursday, October 15 at 7:30 p.m. will be Financial Aid & You, a panel discussion with professionals from Sewanee: The University of the South and Lynn University. The sessions are required for all juniors. Junior parents are encouraged to attend. Questions? Contact Director of College Counseling Dan Monahan.
Throughout the year, the Advancement Office is hosting Beyond the Mountain, opportunities for students to connect with young alumni to discuss career opportunities. The first one, Sunday, October 4 at 2 p.m. features young alumni in the fields of business and technology. These are virtual gatherings. Questions? Contact Alumni Coordinator Kira Tharp '12.

Drop-Off Reminder

Day Parents, Student drop-off is at the Gym and Bishop Bratton parking lots. DO NOT pull into the Wade Parking lot. Thank you.

Senior Soccer Day

This Saturday, we will be honoring our senior girls' soccer players at 12:45 p.m. before their 1 p.m. game against Webb School. Fans are welcome but must be wearing a facial covering and maintain physical distance from those who are not members of their household. 

Hunger Walk

The Hunger Walk is an annual event put on by the Sewanee-Monteagle Rotary club to raise money for food insecurity. This year the Walk has gone virtual and miles will be tracked and uploaded online. Afternoon Program leaders and coaches will be tracking their students' mileage for the next week which will count towards SAS’s total mile contribution. On Sunday, October 4, residential students and faculty will participate in a culminating event on Betsy's Path with games, food, t-shirts, and a last opportunity to get steps in. Questions? Contact junior Charlie Barron.

Be a Star!

This weekend's activities include open studio time on Saturday and Sunday for boarding students who are interested in recording something. Play the piano or another instrument, sing a song to a karaoke track, or read poetry. Music teacher J.R. Ankney will record the student, and provide them with an mp3 of the performance.

Election Year Opportunities

Dean of Students Geoffrey Smith arranged for a voter registration opportunity and a debate watch party on campus yesterday. Several students and a few staff members took the opportunity to register to vote.

Blessing of the Animals, Oct 7

Our annual Blessing of the Animals service will take place on Wednesday, October 7, at 1 p.m. on the SAS Track. This service is an opportunity for us to show gratitude for the beloved non-humans in our lives (dogs, cats, fish, succulent plants, even pet rocks). Students will gather by advisory groups around the track, masked and physically distanced. Those with pets to be blessed will gather on the field, and maintain physical distancing by standing in flagged spots. Parents and guardians are invited to drop off leashed or caged pets in the Gym Parking lot between 12:30-12:55 p.m. Please remain in your vehicle during the event. Pets must be immediately returned to parents/guardians at the conclusion of the service (1:30 pm). Questions? Contact Mother Short.

Standardized Tests, Oct. 14

Early Afternoon Programs & Dismissal

On Wednesday, October 14, students in grades 8-11 will take the PSAT. Seniors will have a Farm Day in the morning. Sixth and 7th graders will be taking the ERB. Afternoon Programs will run from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Buses will run at 3:15 p.m.

Our COVID-19 Protocols Have Moved

We have moved our COVID-19 Protocols & FAQs to better reflect the ongoing nature of the work we are doing.

Online Learners and Absent Students: Is My Class Available Via Zoom or Will I Work Asynchronously?

Students who are learning online or who are absent from school for other reasons will not always access their class via a Zoom link. For some classes, students will work synchronously by connecting via Zoom at the time the class is scheduled, but for other classes students will work asynchronously (independently). Students and parents should check the class Bulletin Boards in CORE for information about how they will interact with their classes. If connecting via Zoom is an option, links will be available on the class Bulletin Boards. Teachers will not send Zoom links via email. If students are absent due to illness and unable to complete work at home, they will be given the opportunity to make up work upon their return to school.

The 4-County Active Case Rate

As of Tuesday, the seven-day average active case rate is .40%. Active cases in our region continue to climb, and we are monitoring the situation carefully.
Request a Flu Vaccine for Your Child

Highlights of the Week

Note that only calendar highlights and home games are listed here. View the full calendar for all events. Subscribe to SAS calendars to have school events, team schedules, and calendar updates automatically delivered to and updated on your desktop or mobile device.
1:00 PM Chapel: Hope
6:30 PM Allowance Distribution, Owen Student Union
12:45 PM GLP 6: Fire & S'mores, Flat Rock
12:45 PM GLP 7 Constructive Communication, Fish
12:45 PM GLP 9: Poetry Celebration, Robinson Dining Hall
12:45 PM GLP 10: Flash Fiction Celebration
12:45 PM GLP 11: PSAT Prep, McCrory Hall for the Performing Arts
12:45 PM GLP 12: Senior Year Leadership Planning, Theater
3:10 PM Chess Club, Mr. Mazur's Room
3:30 PM Climbing Club, Bouldering Shed
5:00 PM Varsity Soccer - Girls vs. Webb School (Away)
7:30 PM Virtual College Counseling Night: A Panel of Experts in College Admission REQUIRED
8:45 AM
Unwanted School Photos Should Be Returned, Advisory
6:15 AM Perimeter Trail Walk
7:45 AM SAT, Simmonds Building
12:45 PM Varsity Girls' Soccer Senior Day
1:00 PM Varsity Soccer - Girls vs. Chattanooga School for the Arts & Sciences (Home)
6:30 PM Boarder Activity: Be a Star!, SAS Recording Studio
1:00 PM
Boarder Activity: Be a Star!, SAS Recording Studio
2:00 PM Beyond The Mountain Alumni Career Panel on Business & Technology, Virtual
5:30 PM Hunger Walk Celebration, Betsy's Path
7:00 PM Compline, Outdoor Altar/Virtual
10:00 AM- 3:00 PM
Flu Vaccines Administered on Campus, Agee Room, Simmonds Building
11:40 AM Dean of Students' Lunch with Grade 8 Gold, Tucker Dining Room
5:45 PM
Family-Style Dinner
1:00 PM Chapel: Blessing of the Animals, Varsity Field
6:30 PM Allowance Distribution, Owen Student Union

Save the Date

OCT 14 Standardized Testing (PSAT, ERB), Early Afternoon Programs & Dismissal
Students in Mrs. Monahan's and Mr. Simerville's History 9 classes prepared this wall montage for Banned Books Week, an annual event sponsored by the American Library Association that celebrates our freedom of expression and the First Amendment to the U.S. Bill of Rights.
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