Paid leave insurance is key to keeping caregivers in the workforce.
Paid leave insurance is key to keeping caregivers in the workforce.

Sept. 2, 2022


Our editors’ picks for managers this week include new research on paid leave insurance to support caregivers, the business imperative of mental health support, and lessons from 40 years of data on women in executive roles.
— The MIT SMR Editors

Cutting Parental Leave Is Bad Business

Recent surveys support the creation of a national paid family leave insurance system to keep caregivers in the workforce.


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Big Data in Agriculture

In the latest Me, Myself, and AI podcast episode, Land O’Lakes’ Teddy Bekele explains how the farm-to-fork cooperative uses AI to improve agricultural yields.

Mental Health Has Become a Business Imperative

Taking a holistic approach to supporting employee mental health improves business, talent, and innovation outcomes.
If all you do is hire differently, you’re only getting partway there. ... We also have to address the work environment.”
— Anthony Barrows, managing partner at Project Evident and founder of the Center for Behavioral Design and Social Justice, in “Lived Experience Makes the Work Better


» As the debate over “quiet quitting” continues, workers say employers are guilty of “quiet firing” (Source: Business Insider)
» How cloud providers are trying to fix cyber insurance with data (Source: Protocol)
» Before changing their roles, allow managerial candidates trial runs mentored by VP-level colleagues (Source: HR Brew)
» The surprising way that wearing masks changed “emotional labor” (Source: Charter)

Digital Innovation and Employee Experience: Making the Connection

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